Rather be Right

This House will not accomplish anything -


Documents and tax returns from Deutsche and Capital One are more important than bridges, highways, airports, water supply (Flint MI), electrical grid and 5G enhancements. You can not make this up. With the new democratic control of the House, a majority of the time is spent trying to remove an efficient president. Democrat rhetoric has included Trump’s mental capability, health, connection to nuclear codes, desire to start war, collusion with Russia etc etc etc. Democrats are showing their constituents that concerns are disingenuous. Trump’s conduct is faithfully executed and his directives have positive intent for the progress of all Americans. As a nation, we will succeed if we stop worrying about our Presidents income, counting lies and looking for any reason to discredit this president. Trump has all Americans interest at center of his decisions and we should welcome his leadership, not try to destroy it.

If given the choice, I would Rather be Right and support Trump’s desire to Make America Great Again!! Better roads will help America - Trump’s tax returns will not provide anything for those that need a working government. Stop this destructive witch hunt that began on unsubstantiated material in the first place. If this is the result of a blue wave, I would question why anyone would want a blue government.