Rather be Right

When do democrats grow up -


Joey Biden’s camp was crying recently because Donald Trump did not speak favorably of Biden during his recent visit to Japan. They are absolutely correct, Trump did speak disparagingly of Biden and that is completely apparent. The crying is not about content, Biden’s campaign is not discrediting Trump’s words, they are crying about Trump’s language while outside our boarder / on foreign soil. Joey, your previous boss, Obama, did exactly the same thing about Trump while he was overseas and as president. The next problem Biden’s camp is voicing is because Trump’s verbiage was during Memorial Day weekend, who cares and the only reason you mention it is to try and make Trump’s message as bad a possible. Joey, you have only had approximately a dozen campaign events since announcing your candidacy for president and zero events during the Memorial Day weekend. Further, the left media reported Trump is preparing to pardon war criminals during the Memorial Day weekend. This did not happen but is a great example of the extent the left media spends time on fake news. Left media messaging is so inept and misleading it is almost criminal. If all the real news about Trump is positive and you despise him as the left does, generate fake news.

Why don’t you show up for work before you complain about your competition who is representing our country while you are kicking your feet up? This presidential campaign will be very toxic and competitive. If democrats cry about everything Trump says, it will reveal their adolescence while taking away precious time to deliver a messages of policy. Now this make complete sense. Since democrats do not have any positive messages of policy there is plenty of time to cry about Trump. I would Rather be Right, therefore I will tune out the crying of democrats during this campaign.