Rather be Right

Comon man let it end -


Bob Mueller just let us know a few things that the democrats refuse to hear!! BOB MUELLER DOES NOT WANT TO TESTIFY IN FRONT OF CONGRESS. The report is expected to speak for itself and if you are educated / astute of the facts provided, let them speak. The democrats, choose not to listen to the special council that has worked diligently for two years to develop the final ‘Mueller Report’. Bob Mueller now stands at a podium and refers to the Attorney General as delivering the findings in good faith without holding (legally required) information from congress / the public. The decision is now in the hands of the democrats and Pelosi - are you going to react (say what you were going to do) or not. The blue wave and the Mueller report have now come and gone and the democrats have not made any achievements towards defeating Trump as promised. Giving democrats legitimacy to react appropriately following the Mueller report is a joke. Our election process was compromised but Donald Trump is not at fault as our previous president that knew it would happen. Why should Donald Trump be prosecuted in any way when he did not collude in an attempt for a foreign identity to obstruct our democracy. If the democrats feel there is obligation to challenge our president, I hope they are willing to understand the facts will exonerate our leader. The removal of President Trump is highly unlikely and the reelection of Donald Trump is highly achievable with the actions of a democratic House. The blue wave is actually acting as a favorable outcome for our President.

The democrats do not have an obvious leader not direction toward promoting significant policy. As a result of inefficient leadership and not listening to the left constituents, Trump will be victorious in 2020. Wouldn’t you Rater be Right and support our leader?