Rather be Right

why do democrats listen to NBA loosers and mad black leaders -


Steph Curry of the loosing NBA finals Golden State Warriors was interviewed recently and felt compelled to provide liberal messaging about several topics. Curry chimed in on an event following his teams loss in the NBA finals. Curry actually insinuated that it could have been a racial situation when Raptors President Masai Ujiri allegedly hit an officer with two fists that was simply requesting his credentials prior to entering a restricted space. Hints were made that perhaps this incident would not have taken place if the Raptors President was white. This kind of implications that are not justified have ramifications to younger listeners. People with superior recognition have a moral obligation to realize comments are easily misunderstood by younger generations. If you have a viewpoint, that is fine but remember the larger your mouthpiece, the larger your audience. Off the cuff (perhaps) comments perpetuate hostility between races. This is exactly how negative racial rhetoric begins and magnifies into a unjustifiable talking points. Remember - some (Jussie Smollett) are actually charged and accused of making up racial stories so disgusting in hopes of furthering racial division. I would bet Smollett and Curry are both democrats. Look at the black leaders that quickly supported this Chicago story. I am more concerned with the repulsive responses from influential black leaders than the actual fictitious events dreamed up by Smollett. Lets go further Steph, some could claim the physical altercation would not have happened if the President was white as well. To often a physical option is a result of racial confrontation and maybe a physical altercation would not have taken place if Ujiri was white and the officer was black. This is a true problem and we need to talk about it instead of talking about fictitious drivers. Physical violence is not an option no mater what color you are and to allegedly hit someone over simply asking for an ID is pathetic. To seemingly justify an assault of this magnitude (the officer needed medical assistance) and introduce a racial connotation is absolutely repulsive. There is not a shred of information being released by officials regarding any racial implication in this situation and to introduce this is damaging to race relations in general. It is my opinion that Curry’s voicing a unwarranted hypothetical is more damaging to American civility than the actual alleged assault. Curry’s teammate, Draymond Green tried to create a connotation that owning a sports team has equivalency to owning people following Bob McNair’s comments of prisoners running a prisons. If you think my comments are not justified, listen to the black democratic Presidential candidate Harris speak in Columbia, SC today and look defiant while mentioning the word FIGHT a dozen times. She absolutely looks mad instead of presidential. Another presidential candidate Booker was so consumed at the word “BOY’ he discussed it ad nauseam for days and will definitely be a talking point at both evenings of the initial democratic debates. Race relations in America are NOT as bad as influential black leaders and some black sports figures would like you to believe. Often racial implications exist by those that want them to exist. The left media gives Al Sharpton a platform to talk to the democratic frontrunner about the word ‘BOY’. Republicans are not divisive and the possibility of our country improving race relations in the days of left wing media only talking about race is absolutely not achievable. The racism rhetoric is only growing from the days of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson which now includes the commentary of Don Lemon and Am Joy, the ridiculous bills written by Maxine Watters / Sheila Jackson Lee and the Presidential candidates Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren. The American population is about 330 million. Most Americans across our country interact extremely well and coexist among each other without any racially charged incidents. Since Americans genially interact well day to day, HOW can CNN and MSNBC spend so many hours discussing the bad race relations are in America? I will reiterate, our country does not have bad racial relations we have a portion of our population that wants to make race a larger issue than it warrants. The road to American recovery pertaining to race begins with democrats wanting all votes not black votes and white votes. Segregation in America is definitely a democratic issue and that is why they always talk about it. It is our democratic and liberal brothers and sisters that try to develop divisive and destructive and fictitious racial talking points. As adults we must realize our comments and messaging influences younger generations. Racism is only growing because the number of adults promoting the fictitious existence of racism is growing. Everyone has a viewpoint but some are more influential due to the reach of their famous / popular messaging capabilities ( The Curry’s, Lemon’s a Booker’s of the world). I do not care what color my skin is but I do know that I would Rather be Right and American than live anywhere else in the world. I believe race relations in America would be much better if we really addressed and talked about it instead of having bias ‘being black in America’ commentaries and watched what we said when giving opinions. The extensive discussions regarding the word ‘BOY’ only has importance to those that want it to have importance. BOY - I wish Presidential candidates would talk more about topics that impact all Americans and not dwell on insignificant verbiage. YES I SAID INSIGNIFICANT AND BOY - I also said All Americans and I’m sure that was conveniently overlooked. Talking points are often more important than building America for all. If your presidential candidacy talking point is exclusively about the word ‘BOY’, I suggest you MAN up and get out of the race.