Rather be Right

This is a warning Iran -


Our President is so superior and smart. President Trump continues to impress me and those that trust his judgement. We went to the edge of engagement and pulled back. President Trump does not want to go to war with Iran and CNN /MSNBC is so stuck on stupid that they really do not report facts in American favor. There are so many examples of this of left wing media disparaging Trumps reasoning, credibility, decisions and policy. How many times do you need to watch liberal media speak in terms of President Trump as not capable of thinking, acts out of impulse, no ideology, can be swayed in every direction and much more. If President Trump is so enthralled with beginning war with Iran, why did he make the decision to stand down at the last minute of an air strike in progress. Since left media does not have an answer to this kind of FAKE NEWS, they then turn to adolescent reporting tactics and focuses on ‘Cocked and Loaded’ It is repulsive that left wing reporting is directed toward making Trump and his administration look bad instead of properly reporting on international engagement with lives at stake. Absolutely zero ideas or plans are introduced by the left during our escalating conflict with Iran but an abundance of negative reporting is routinely provided. I wish we were on the same team and wanted the same positive outcomes for all Americans. This is not a reality when left media is more interested in the failure / impeachment of our President than genuine progress of all. We are looking at confrontation with Iran squarely in the eye and our left media is more worried about how Trump aborted a military strike than the well being of our nation, how pathetic. Really troubling the left is so adolescent in their reporting that they focus more on the word ‘BOY’ and ‘Cocked and Loaded’ than providing substantive information. This is exactly why we do not need White House briefings when we can get real and factual news by turning on FOX. I would Rather be Right so I limit my time with liberal left wing networks.