Rather be Right

democrats are not mathmaticians -


I must put this information simple and low so the goats (democrats) can get it:

Trump collected $24.8 Million in his first 24 hours - that is more than the top three democratic contenders COMBINED.

Trump spoke in front of 22-25 thousand people at his Presidential kick off rally. This is more than the top four (4) democratic audience sizes COMBINED.

The Quinnipiac University poll had Gillum beating DeSantis (in Florida) - how did that turn out?

Hillary was a shoe in as our next President according to polls - how did that turn out?

I hope democrats continue to pay attention to false polls that do not mean a thing and continue to ignore turnout / collection numbers which will ultimately result in a second Trump term.

This is exactly why we do not need press conferences, the liberal media does ‘not know how to handle the truth’.

I would Rather be Right so I support the party that understands math.