Rather be Right

Its official in Orlando 45 Fest Rocks -


Trump officially kicked off his Presidential campaign tonight in Orlando. He picked the right state to let America know he is officially a candidate and what a superior candidate he will be. People waited forty plus hours to see Trump make this announcement and the house was packed. Joe Biden, the democratic frontrunner campaigns in Iowa and has difficulty getting an audience of three hundred. Even more difficult for Biden is keeping three hundred people awake. What a stanch difference between campaign events. Major networks like CNN, which played a pivotal role in the rally when the audience shouted “CNN SUCKS”, decided not to air the event. The decision was made to shelter liberal sheep but provide plenty of opinions regarding fact checking Trumps comments. Fake news at its best, do not show Trumps rally but immediately offer negative commentary. MSNBC and CNN must not trust their audiences to make their own decisions because they chose not to broadcast Trumps magnificent message. Actually, this might have been a good corporate decision because it would be very embarrassing to show “CNN SUCKS” on your own network. That would require a lot of bleeping. I am so surprised the liberal networks and the democratic party did not learn anything from 2016. They hang their hats on todays polls and gleefully show how Trump trails democratic contenders. How did that work for them with Hillary. If I remember correctly, Hillary was expected to win according to the polls and she is not spending much time at the White House these days. If democrats speak, expect the opposite, similar to Hillary will win and Pelosi will impeach Trump. Yeah right, must be difficult being a democrat.

My advice to Trump - keep everything constant and enjoy the ride. The hats are the same, the message is the same, the music is the same and your base will reward you for keeping your word. Nothing can shake the optimistic outlook Trump supporters have for our President that does not get the respect he deserves from the media. Lets be honest, the media does not like Trump and it is obvious they want him out of office. Problem is, the American people are having a much more difficult time believing the media is not bias and reports things honestly. Americans are not stupid and realize a Trump tweet is more honest than a report from CNN or MSNBC following a White House briefing. We are better informed as a nation without Fake News.

Hey democrats, 20,000 is larger than 300 and photos do not lie, that is why you are shielded from honest reporting. Ask yourself why left media did not want to show Trumps 20,000 people rally but will show 300 sleepers in a diner. Do not be confused. It is ok to turn off bias fake news because I know you would Rather be Right.