Rather be Right

CNN crying again -


Chris Cillizza from CNN wrote an article today about Republicans and the right media, specifically FOX is being to harsh on Joe Biden. He specifically mentioned Trump, Kennedy and Hannity being abusive to the democratic frontrunner. This is a great example of ‘fake news’. If you were able to see Joe Biden on the campaign trail in Ottumwa, IA in front of a dismal & pathetic turnout, you witnessed Slow Joe in action. The media knew that Biden was going to heavily criticize Trump during his speech and that is ok. Trump gets harassed from twenty four (24) contenders, bias left wing media, late night comedians and the House of Representatives and takes it well. If Trump dishes any disparaging comments, they are definitely deserved. The difference between Trump getting hazed about his health and Biden getting hazed is, Biden deserves it. How can Biden be the frontrunner and how does any democrat get excited listening to Slow Joe? If Biden continues to poll higher (double digits) than the other candidates, Trump’s victory in 2020 is a slam dunk. The reason I say this is because the election is over a year away and this particular campaign will be exhausting for everyone. It does not seem like Joe Biden has the energy required to be victorious and when the DNC recognizes it, they will sabotage the Biden campaign for a lesser candidate like they did in 2016. Chris Cillizza may think Fox is treating Biden unfairly but that could not be further form the truth. Biden deserves to be called both slow joe (uneventful speeches) and flip flop joe (Hyde Amendment) . Everyone would Rather be Right and for that reason, everyone should support Donald Trump, the healthy candidate.

Watch Trump in Iowa and watch Biden in Iowa, the true leader will be obvious.