Rather be Right

California tent cities and living in your car -

JDUB1 Comment

It takes a liberal government to make piss poor decisions and you can’t get much more liberal than California. As if growing tent cities and throw away needles on sidewalks and streets was not enough, California has just passed a bill that would require Community Colleges in the state to provide a designated safe parking area where homeless students can sleep in their cars overnight. That’s right, there is a problem with the growing college homelessness and instead of believing the students are competent enough to help themselves, California will fix the problem by providing another service enabling dependency. It is now claimed that California is dealing with an increasing population of homeless college students. This is the future of educated members of society that can not support themselves in the great state of California. When does common sense and accountability come into play? My first question is, wouldn’t you take care of your personal living situation prior to college? Perhaps defer college for a year or two until you can sustain a productive environment for higher education? Instead if asking homeless students these questions, the state reacts by requiring schools to provide what students should be providing for themselves. How successful will you be as a college student in California if you live in your car? Does the ‘give me everything’ mentality move continue after graduation? If you can not afford a home after graduation to hang your diploma, does the state of California buy you a home as well? If you decide to have a family while attending college will the state of California take your car in on trade and provide you a larger vehicle more conducive to a growing family? Since everything you own is in your trunk and laundry must be difficult, can the state of California help with dry cleaning pick up services at the parking lot? Cooking is a terrible situation, may I suggest the state of California provide a change of pace dining experience catered to the parking lots. Since you attend college and can not afford an apartment please be patient with the state of California, they are trying to make things as comfortable as possible. It is completely incomprehensible that in 2019 we would expect college students to live in a apartment and provide the basics (in the old days we referred to it as food, clothing and shelter) required to be a self supporting member of society. As a proud resident and college graduate in the state of California you can look forward to the progression toward tent cities where you can celebrate your achievements shooting up illegal drugs with state provided needles. Do not be concerned about the trash after discarding your hazardous / infectious & dirty needles, the state of California has garbage pick up services that housekeep for the addicts. The homeless problem in California has only grown over the years. The situation has escalated out of control and will not get better as long as the liberal minded government continues to put a pacifier in the mouths of adults acting like adolescents. Wouldn’t you Rather be Right and live your life similar to what was envisioned by Kennedy. It’s not what the ‘STATE OF CALIFORNIA’ can do for you, it’s what can you do for the ‘STATE OF CALIFORNIA’. This common sense approach to life has really taken a back seat (in your car) in California but don’t worry, the state will provide your parking lot. If you have more asperations for life than living in your car, support Donald Trump in 2020. He would probably deny your request for a parking lot after telling you the unemployment rate nationally is 3.6 percent and you should be able to achieve more in America. Trump may suggest you clean a parking lot instead of asking one be provided for you to live in.