Rather be Right

Liberal and POC issues are getting old -


Couple thoughts today -

“In my truck, we go by my rules”, men can not get a break. With the onslaught of sexual allegations, men simply do not want to be put in any compromising situation. Especially when they need to address the ‘he inappropriately touched me’ accusation. Even Joe Biden is a victim of this this type of unfortunate situation. Now if you want to protect yourself by evading potential bad situations, your considered a sexist. Please - my truck, my rules so get over it.

I support Tucker Carlson’s viewpoint of Ilhan Omar. She just looks defiant and mean when she speaks. Yes I believe there is built up hatred for America here. - nuff said.

The left liberal media can not try harder to tie Jeffrey Epstein to Donald Trump. Hours have been spent on how Trump is negatively involved with Epstein. How about Bill Clinton and his relationship with Epstein, barely covered by the left media. FOX needed to report this relationship in abundance because CNN and MSNBC will not give our President a break.

Megan Rapinoe is a complete joke. In NY City she proudly took the stage and said American needs to come together and stop the infighting - she should ‘man up’ and show up to the White House and leave her profanity laced tongue on her gym bag. Definitely not an a superior image for young women. The left media is already talking about her potential in the political arena. According to liberal society, purple hair is great for politics but red hair has run its course for a mermaid. Could you imagine AOC, Rapinoe and Omar in congress? That image will catapult Trump’s approval 10 points.

I actually thought Buttigieg was a bright and articulate candidate for the democrats. He is possibly caving to the socialistic left more that any other candidate. He just released his ‘Douglass Plan’ this morning. Since his approval in the black community is dismal and he was humiliated by black South Bend residents following a white cop / black man shooting, he did the only thing a democratic candidate cold do. He released a racist plan that panders to the black community. He mentioned so many areas that need assistance within the black community from healthcare, small business, HCBU’s, criminal justice etc. Same story. I wonder how the black community is doing so poorly in so many areas yet wants credit for building America.

Don Lemon interviewed Charlamagne Tha God yesterday. Yes that is his name and don’t be so judgmental. I believe he runs with Pants Without Belts, Icecream Selfie and Flash Mob Ike. Charlamagne was asked who he believes would be the best democratic candidate to run against. Trump. Hold your hat - he said Kamala Harris because it is time for a women, specifically of color to run our nation. He provided zero detail on her policy or reasoning for being the preferred candidate other than she is a POC. I suppose some people believe they should vote for the candidate that looks like them instead of those with merit, substance or leadership ability. Charlamagne is one god you should not listen to.

R Kelly was arrested in Chicago on similar charges as Epstein - what are the chances Cuomo, Lemon or Anderson will spend hours on this arrest. Many of R Kelly’s were black. If blacks lives really matter, wouldn’t this arrest warrant similar attention. It wont for two (2) reasons. CNN is dedicated to issues that only have a Trump connection & black lives only matter when it pertains to liberal news.

Trump is always being ridiculed for using the FOX platform for Right leading messages. What is the difference between Trump / FOX and Kamala Harris / MSNBC? Harris was interviewed by Rachael Maddow. Zero follow up questions nor substantive conversation. Harris just ranted about how poor of a job Trump is doing. Harris could not thank Maddow enough for letting her speak without interruption. Democrats use MSNBC like Trump uses FOX but Republicans are to astute / mature to cry about adolescent and petty issues. I must finish by mentioning how angry Harris appears when she speaks, could be that hostile black women thing. Can I get an Amen.

If you would Rather be Right, listen to the God that did not need to change his name for recognition.