Rather be Right

Where should cops hang out - not Starbucks


To say these are changing times is an understatement. A customer at Starbucks was nervous when six cops decided to meet for a cup of coffee before their shift. My first question is what type of individual is nervous in public around cops. The customer was so distraught, a Starbucks employee asked the cops to leave the store. Stop and think how absurd this scenario is. Uniformed law enforcement asked to leave a Starbucks. I have personally witnessed overzealous Starbucks employees but I would believe six uniformed police officers would not be treated this poorly. This goes to show that in our evolving liberal society, nervous patrons have more seniority than six police officers and how liberal of a barista do you need to be to make such a request in the first place. Common sense left the building way before the cops did. In the days of flash mobs steeling 30 thousand ($30,000) in 30 seconds and licking containers of ice cream for fame from the adolescent minded does anything surprise you? I may be going out on a limb here but it is my belief that flash mobs, ice cream lickers and barista siding with nervous customers tend to favor democratic beliefs. I will go out on another limb and say Republicans believe this is completely irrational behavior.

If you would Rather be Right, lick your ice cream at home after you have paid for it or be Republican, same thing.