Rather be Right

If you like dogs, trees, cars, air, clocks etc you will taxed -


The 2020 Presidential election is still over a year away and that leaves plenty of time for democrats to challenge each other on developing the greatest socialistic agenda. After the democrats partied in SC over the weekend and did not order enough fish or white bread to feed each other, they hit the campaign trail to socialistic bliss hard. Welcome to a new work week and say hello to all the new ideas being introduced by the left wing taxing machine. I did not believe any ideas could be more left than Andrew Yang’s (yes Andrew Yang, he is a democratic presidential candidate) $1000 monthly cash giveaway to everyone, but i was wrong. Elizabeth Warren kicked off the week by doubling down on reparations. She is not getting enough accolades for her vote buying attitude on black reparations so she is now catering to the gay vote by introducing reparations for gay couples. This is a new spending program by Pocahontas above and beyond her wealth tax. Bernie Sanders wants to cancel all student loan debt with a price tag of about $1.6 trillion. You may want to ask yourself where is this money going to come from when the democrats can not donkey up eight (8) billion for security infrastructure (a wall) on our southern boarder. Why would they want to reduce the number of future non self sufficient voters? It gets better. Remember Beto O’Rourke from El Paso Texas. He dreamed up another way successful Americans can be forced to pay a little bit more. According to Beto, when America goes to war, any non veteran households making $200,000 will be mandated to contribute to a portion of their income to offset veteran / war costs. So now wealthy Americans can pay for war costs in addition to healthcare for all and higher education for all. While dreaming up this ideas democrats will look you square in the eye and say it is not SOCIALISM and follow it by telling you Trump is a liar. Are you kidding me?? Do not look for this tax the rich idea on Beto’s web site because it is a verbal tease that he is throwing out there without any real commitment. I hope you don’t like dogs, trees, cars, air, clocks or wear underwear because if you do and you make $200,000 you just may be mandated to pay for the birthday party of a little girl / boy who has ten brothers and sisters and their parents only make the minimum wage that was just increased to $15 HR. This is not a far cry from reality if a democrat gets in the White House. Republicans are to smart for this Beto - they will simply stop their income at $199,999 and have you pay a bit more. If you really believe in it, put it on your website or are you still running a campaign without a manager?

I would Rather be Right so I try not to listen to the liberal rhetoric from the campaign trail. Trump is doing a fine job MAGA. Continue to support Trump and his administration because he believes in you paying for your own birthday party.