Rather be Right

Cowards -


Americans in general do not want to impeach Trump because there really isn’t anything to justify removing him from office. Lets be clear, if democrats were genuinely concerned about obstruction, impeachment proceedings would have begun. Further, if democrats were really concerned about justice they would not object to investigating the process / method Trump was targeted by governmental agencies. Instead, the left is interested in Trump’s family business, security clearances, personal taxes etc. Likes sheep to slaughter, democrats believe their party leaders when they try to justify the importance of impeachment. There were critics of Trump suggesting impeachment as soon as he took office and their distain has only grown over the last three years. According to some polls, 65% of voters believe impeachment is the wrong direction but that does not matter to the left leaders that are hell bent on the demise of Trump. It is concerning that the House of Representatives is focused on trying to accomplish what a majority of Americans believe is a waste of time. I do not blame Trump for stopping the Pelosi meeting because she is not interested in infrastructure or anything positive as long as impeachment is her primary concern. If she was a true leader / speaker, she would stop the continual harassment of Trump and focus on American progress. Let me be clear, (contrary to Pelosi’s recent statements) our country and democracy is not in a crisis situation and our President does not need intervention. The only crisis our country is facing is the broken southern boarder allowing a flood of social program grabbers to enter. The left is full of cowards that refuse to address our national security and the extravagant growth of our debt due to bleeding heart liberal beliefs. Donald Trump is trying to address this crisis as the democrats ignore the problem just like they are ignoring the above mentioned 65% of Americans. When will they learn that democratic policy is one that will never MAGA. We all would Rather be Right so reject messaging by cowards. Be right support Trump!!