Rather be Right

The I word -


Do you blame Trump for stopping talks today with Pelosi and Schumer. This pair does not have any intent in discussing infrastructure. Impeachment is the only thing on the democrats mind because they know Trump is doing a stellar job as President. Could you imagine if Hillary was elected and she had the same international concerns to deal with. With precision Trump is masterfully handling Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, Syria, China, Iran and the onslaught from ‘shit hole countries’. Hillary is to scared to meet with North Korea, Russia does not like her, Venezuela would not change leadership because Hillary would prefer socialism, our southern boarders would be wide open so we could welcome all the future democratic voters and China would continuing steeling our intelligence without penalty. But lets impeach Trump for delivering real leadership. The bombastic rhetoric and hypocritical conduct from the left is truly obstructing any progress this congress can make. The reason nothing gets accomplished by congress is due to hypocritical reasoning. The left often states that Trump is doing nothing about the Russian influence on our democracy because the intrusion helps Trump win elections. Question to the democrats - If you have so much evidence on Trumps obstruction and cover up why do you not immediately do your job and begin impeachment proceedings? ANSWER - doing the right thing would negatively effect democrats 2020 election opportunities. How HYPOCRITAL. When Trump does something wrong the democrats act like school children lining up to tattle on the president. Democrats should focus on their own responsibilities, they have now gloated over the blue wave and the responsibility of oversite but in typical democratic fashion they will accomplish nothing. Trump can not stop democrats from doing their job only the democrats can and they are doing a remarkable job of absolutely nothing. Trump is sitting in a fine position because he is pulling the democrats strings and making them dance to his tune. Everyone knows Impeachment proceedings will seal the deal for Trumps election in 2020 and that is why democrats with power is like a plane without a wing - inefficient and going down. Democrats would never Rather be Right because they are inherently wrong. It must be embarrassing being a progressive democrat or socialist democrat because they spend so much time developing programs that the rich pay for while Republicans stack the courts for real change.

Keep stalling Donald - we now have 108 judges!!!