Rather be Right

No glass ceiling for Warren or Harris -


Warren and Harris are two women running for the United States Presidency. They both are extremely vocal on their beliefs that Trump should be impeached thus articles of impeachment should be drawn up ASAP. Problem is, they are both vocal when convenient and where it is convenient to speak their venomous tirade. One would believe that the impeachment of our president would be a topic presented to and discussed with all Americans. Think again, Warren and Harris are boastful on the campaign trail but they are dividing America by not including the ‘deplorables’. Excuses are abundant with these candidates when asked why they will not voice their concerns to a right leaning audience of FOX news. Neither of these candidates plan on using the largest news media outlet to convey their messaging because FOX viewership is to educated and astute to listen to their garbage. Who wants a leader that does not take advantage of an opportunity to address the largest news audience available? Unfortunately, Warren and Harris are following the path of the previous democratic looser, Hilary Clinton and not speaking to the ‘deplorable’ members of society. When selecting a president, wouldn’t you Rather be Right and elect someone that delivers messaging to all Americans and avoids rhetoric that is directed and divisive? The right may be considered ‘deplorable’ by the left but we are Americans and would appreciate it if we were addressed as such. You know how to reach us, we watch FOX!!! Warren and Harris should follow the lead of old white men and address everyone not the select few.