Rather be Right

Sure, lets dummy down society -


Adversity Score, seems like a good name for a program. Think again, it’s really another liberal program that generates excuses. A growing number of Universities are using ‘Adversity Scores’ to serve as a balancing act when considering student acceptance. Fifteen (15) factors such as economic backgrounds, high school neighborhoods and social exposure will play a larger role within university enrollment programs. These factors will be used to massage diversity and generate a desired image for incoming freshman classes. This is an example of a feel good story that everyone wants to read. Everyone wants policy that seems to level any playing field. Here is the catch. Programs such as introducing a adversity score are widely publicized at the inception but how vocal will universities be when the ‘desired look’ naturally changes as a result of performance? Just because a freshman class appears diverse, how much did it cost and what does your sophomore, junior and graduating class look like? I would Rather be Right when selecting a successful freshman class instead of pandering to the liberal left.

When driving, we use our blinker to change lanes. If liberals continue to add meaningless programs to society, (especially higher education) we will be using YO BLINKAH to change lanes.