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Democracy is not being stifled -

JDUB1 Comment

Democrats and the left wing media continue to show signs of confusion and hysteric nonsense. Mitch McConnell sees no problem with closing the case (Mueller) and directing the Senates attention to the progress of the American people. In addition, the Senate needs to continue its directive of fact tracking the addition of judges. You can imagine democratic leaders have polar opposite interests. Pelosi is all over the board. Weeks ago she was trying to convenience freshman members that impeachment is not the best direction for the party. Today she is concerned that Trump is goading and taunting democrats to impeach him. Democrats are so lost, they are even blaming Trump for their own indiscretion. The difference between the parties is quite simple. Republicans are focused on supporting our president, sending a clear message for advancing America and winning in 2020. Democrats can not focus on anything while splitting their attention on the Mueller report, William Barr’s character, Trumps taxes, security clearances, Russia’s passion for Trump, campaign finance irregularities, obstruction of justice, inauguration funding, possible emolument activity, arresting our Secretary of Treasury for non-compliance, taking oversight to far and of coarse Impeachment. This is a snap shot of what consumes democrats minds on a daily basis. The good thing is: they are desperately trying to exploit any negativity toward Trump which is all but sealing his chances for a second term VICTORY!!!!!!! Fox aint in that hole you dumbasses. Keep the momentum and support Trump.