Rather be Right

Sun is shining again in Florida -


A statewide ban was passed on Florida’s sanctuary cities this week. It is now required that local and state officials obey Federal Law enforcement. Pathetic that this is even a topic in the first place but the honorable governor DeSantis will soon sign into law that honoring federal immigration requests will be a requirement. Not everyone is especially happy about the new state law SB168. The truly dysfunctional members of society are complaining that illegal immigrants, people of color and the LGBT community are being unfairly treated. That’s right, the ACLU has posted travel warnings to members of these groups for the state of Florida. Further, the left voices concerns that certain communities will be dismantled and specific economic downturns could result. Yes, that is specifically the intent for passing SB168. Certain communities will be targeted and hopefully the negative economic impact will be strong enough of a deterrent that illegal immigrants will not become content. I believe there is compassion in the world for everyone but you need to question those that knowingly harbor illegal activity then criticizes people that uphold the law. Immigration practiced legally is desired, scare tactics from bleeding heart liberal organizations is not. This new law supports federal expectations by inserting common sense practices on a state level. I guess you need to be Republican to understand common sense. Typically, people would Rather be Right and that is why Floridians support SB168!! I always question if democrats really have sincere intent regarding illegal immigration or are they cultivating future votes?