Rather be Right

Democrats can not lead -


Democrats would like you to believe our democracy is in jeopardy, it is not. Our democracy is just fine for those that are competent. Stacy Abrams lost her race and will loose future races. We elect our presidents on the results of the electoral college not the popular vote. Gerrymandering is a problem for those that do not know how to draw curved lines. The date of election day is widely known, if you can not make it to a poll location you need to schedule better. If you are in jail, you should not be able to vote. Election day should not be a holiday so stop trying to find excuses not to work. Our borders need to be closed to reduce the source of liberal votes. If you are making your vote based on a Facebook ad, you are an uneducated fool that should not vote in the first place. You should vote based on the betterment of all Americans not because someone looks like you. We do not need to reduce the age requirement to vote because the ramifications largely impact adults (if you need to be on your parents healthcare until your 26 why do you need to vote??). If you are on your way to a polling location on a bus filled with people voting the exact same way - well?????? An educated voter knows the topics and makes rational decisions. You should not vote for a candidate just because you were given a few bucks at your church. If your candidate looses, don’t blame another country. If you are voting to obtain free services on the back of taxpayers, think before you buy your next lottery ticket. Old white guys on the ballot did not cause your problems. If you think your vote is being suppressed, try harder and stop complaining.

Hint - Judges matter and so does your vote!!!

Wouldn’t you Rather be Right when you cast your Vote?