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Lemon can only handle one topic -

JDUB1 Comment

Tonight, CNN’s Don Lemon discussed one topic and one topic only. His ‘explosive breaking news’ was about Muller’s letter discrediting Barr’s four page response to the Muller investigation. This is unfortunate because CNN is a source for daily news. Many people rely on this primetime mainstream avenue to get news of the day. I remember when CNN was a reliable source for real breaking news and not a platform for a vendetta driven malicious mouthpiece. Just a few real news events of the day include;

A two trillion dollar infrastructure plan, Stacy Abrams deciding not to run for GA Gov seat, two students lost their lives in a shooting at Char. NC Univ., Venezuela uprising killing 40 people, Joe Biden held his first 2020 campaign rally and Empire renewed for a 6th season probably without Jussie Smollett. (I can not believe Don did not mention the Empire breaking news because Smollett looks like him) Don is so fixated on the Muller investigation and any possibility that the House begins impeachment proceedings, any audience wanting a variety of news form CNN’s Lemon, should turn to FOX. I do not believe Don realizes how detrimental his bias broadcast harms the democratic party. CNN has marginal ratings and not many people can handle hours of Don’s demeaning one sided delivery of old ‘breaking news’. Don makes FOX a refreshing alternate.

Even if you agreed with this adolescent approach to delivering one news topic for two hours - wouldn’t you Rather be Right and get a variety of news? Support real news by watching a network that can handle more than one topic - support FOX NEWS!!!!