Rather be Right

Where did Joe go -


As we recognized Memorial Day weekend, President Trump and Melania Trump visited Japan for a state visit. Donald Trump, our President is the FIRST foreign leader to meet Japan’s new Emperor Naruhito. Many official topics were on the four- day state visit agenda. With tariffs being a hot topic in the news lately it is not surprising that Trump wanted to discuss “fairness and reciprocity” within the American-Japanese trade relationship. Set aside the fact that it was a historical, respectful, relationship building and business positive, democrats were crying to our American left wing media that the trip was not successful. Typical negative spin by the desperate. Truth is: Prime Minister Abe and Trump exchanged very positive comments to each other which would never be mentioned by our bias broken left media with the persuasion it deserves. Prior to President Trump leaving for Japan, our own Speaker of the House questioned Trumps mental capacity and expressed the fact that he needed an intervention. Well Nancy, Trump did not walk out of any meetings in Japan because the visit was full of meetings that mattered and had a chance of being productive. Trump DID NOT APPEAR (contrary to Pelosi’s abusive rhetoric) on the world stage as an individual that needs intervention. But speaking of appear, WHERE DID JOE GO? The democratic presidential leading candidate Joe Biden, was in hiding and did not have any speaking events over the extended / celebratory weekend. Joe Biden was M.I.A. on the campaign trail which is a early indicator of how he will be as a National Leader, M.I.A. as well. Where do democrats get their talking points that would demean Trumps representation of America and American interest while their ‘future leader’ is out of pocket? Last weekend was a great example that the democrats message is not persuasive, far from realistic and always gets it wrong. If the democrats want any chance in 2020 they need to show up to work and stop crying. You can lead a horse to water but………………….. I like our chance of sending Trump back to the White House for a second term. We would all Rather be Right in our fight that never ends.