Rather be Right

Top Dems turn to Fox News for support -


It was just over a month ago when the leader of the democratic party , Tom Perez, made the decision to omit Fox News as a platform / venue for the democratic presidential debates. Well things are changing quickly on the campaign trail. Bernie Sanders held a town hall on Fox and now additional candidates are looking toward Fox News to help spread individual messages. This is simply the right and smart decision. Fox offers a very substantial viewership and candidates should try to voice their message to an audience as wide possible. I know Perez does not want to extend an olive branch to Fox News but who is he hurting by his decision? The leadership of the democratic party did not help Hillary in 2016 and it looks as though it did not learn anything from its mistakes. It is the leading presidential contenders that are splitting from the advice of democratic leadership to reach American voters. Contrary to some, the path to the white house does not lead directly through communities of color and it IS relevant to obtain Fox exposure. Candidates with any real leadership ability will utilize FOX as a podium for communication. It is the leadership of the DNC that is inept in its practices.

Democrats continue to have difficulties with messaging. This is a gift to Trump for 2020 because his message of progress is on all networks. The candidates that would Rather Be Right are looking toward Fox News to spread their message.