Rather be Right

Barr is Trump's wingman -


Pelosi is concerned with our AG’s comments in front of congress over the last two days. Simply put, Barr is looking into the actions prior to and in support of the Mueller investigation. Barr is working for the American people trying to get answers to what generated the witch hunt. How many times were we reminded that the House of Representatives has a duty to investigate Trump? Now that democrats are faced with a very competent and through AG they do not like it. Where was Nancy Pelosi when Eric Holder (former AG) referred to himself as Obama’s wingman. Did Pelosi question Holders position as AG for the country not Obama’s personal council? I question the authenticity of an investigation based of faulty documentation. Barr will discover how deplorable the democratic intentions were to dismantle Trumps presidency. Since democrats could not beat Trump they need to result to measures like the witch hunt, open borders for more voters, give felons the right to vote and eliminate the electoral college. These are true signs of desperation by the left. The problem for democrats is the intelligence of the American voter seeing through the wounded dog tactics to remove Trump. We all benefit with President Trump.

Could you imagine if our current president was weak and continually harassed / demeaned as much as Trump is. President Trump is strong and can handle the adolescent behavior from the left and that is why we have a strong economy. Trump is focused on Judges, Jobs and our border (things that matter).