Rather be Right

Trump's honesty is appealing -


Don Lemon was visibly disturbed this weekend. Don voiced his concern that democrats spend a lot of time apologizing for everything. He showed clips of several democratic presidential candidates apologizing for statements of previous beliefs / policy. I believe we will see many more Lemon temper tantrums between now and Trumps win in 2020. When you stand for everything it is hard to keep your message straight on the campaign trail. Yes we will watch Don cry and democrats apologize because that is what you do when you run for president and change positions - on everything!! We have heard democrats apologize for everything from hurtful LGBT comments and not being sensitive to tribal citizenship to wives raising children alone. Candidates will show there true beliefs and make genuine comments but when they find it is offensive to anyone, apologies fly the next day. Trump does not need to apologize because people know what to expect and appreciate his HONESTY. Yes I said Trump is honest because he has a genuine sense of individualism. Democratic challengers to Trump are fickle and will say what people want to hear. Trump will win again because he is an individual with unmasked idiosyncrasies not in camouflage. What you see with Trump is what you get and that is appealing. How do you not know you are less that 1% Native American? Really??

I know democratic candidates would Rather be Right but they can not help being left.

Vote for honesty, vote for Trump 2020!!