Rather be Right

Jump in Joe the waters HOT –


Even though Joe is the frontrunner, he has not officially joined the race.  This was a difficult weekend for Mr. Biden because his demeaning tendencies toward women surfaced in the headlines.  Yes – Joe Biden was viewed in the same lens as Trump in 2016.  If Trump had any negative situations toward women in his past, the media was very pleased to make sure all of America was educated.  Well, Uncle Joe, seems as though you may be subjected to the same cut throat politics that Trump endured in 16’.   Are you man enough to step in as the democratic leader?  Polls say Biden is the leader and the euphoria is in his favor but he has a history, Anita Hill and now an unwanted KISS.  The campaign trail is brutal and if Joe Biden is the democratic answer to challenge Trump, I will sleep well every night.  We are watching a growing field of misfits and mediocre challengers develop in the ‘beat Trump at all cost’ corner.  Is America better than just two years ago – of coarse we are and that is the HOT water Trump challengers are jumping into.  I would Rather be Right, so I stand with our incumbent that Makes America Great Again!

All Americans will benefit with Trump

Be Best – Trump helps those who helps themselves.