Rather be Right

Another ‘nothingburger’ joins the race –


Another candidate joined the democratic race for president this weekend.  Joy Reid interviewed the South Florida mayor, Wayne Messam.  (BTW – Bing Messam and you first get Jerome Messam, Soccer Player  – the more important and better known of the Messam’s) What is refreshing was Messam’s unique message and directive for being the leader of the country.  SHOCKER – Messam believes our government is in chaos and our democracy is being compromised.  Never heard that before.  If our government is in chaos, I really hope it goes completely defunct.  Those that think we are in a chaotic and compromising situation want to swap cars and cows for caravans.  The interview continued by Reid asking Messam (again who?) what would he do / how would he beat Trump.  The quick thinker jumped at the opportunity to say he would fix health care, provide student loan forgiveness and mandate a national living wage.  Seriously – Shut the front door!!!!  A democrat is running on giving this and giving that.  What a new concept.  Reid and the left in general does not care what a candidate would like to accomplish, they just want to beat Trump.  The left has one strategy, one goal, one obsession and one meaning for life – beat Donald Trump at all cost.  Democrats only want to support a true contender to challenge Trump nothing else.  Pathetic on its face, pathetic in substance.  You can be on the left and join a group of weak contenders; but wouldn’t you Rather be Right?  Does this guy really think he has a chance?  My money would be on the soccer player.  Everyone has an opportunity to dream, even in chaotic America.

Follow from behind or follow from the left – same thing.