Rather be Right

Good for the goose –


Recently Laura Underwood (Illinois Representative) was on the ‘One Outfit Maddow’ show and was obviously upset/ distraught about the Justice department upholding a Texas Judges decision to invalidate ACA.  Underwood started her rant by expressing discontent with Republicans not listening to the American people during the midterms.  It is Underwood’s belief that the American people spoke and put in a Congress (House of Representatives) that was pro ACA and how dare do Republicans take away what the people voted for and obviously wanted.  My response – what is Underwood’s excuse for not supporting a wall to be constructed on the southern border?  If you follow her logic, the people spoke and voted for a wall when electing Trump.  President Trump campaigned relentlessly on the construction of a southern border wall and he won the election.  Why aren’t the democrats listening to the people who obviously wanted a wall?  Laura Underwood, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.