Rather be Right

Little Don playing with numbers -


Little Don (Lemon) was talking about numbers yesterday. Specifically he discussed the 300-400 + pages that the Mueller report is expected to be in content. It is Lemons belief that the large number of pages is overwhelming and questioned the AG’s ability to develop a proper synopsis so quickly. Barr’s condensed version is not and will not be acceptable to the obsessed left. To support Don’s theory of how large the Muller report will be, his panel of guests discussed the significant number of pages (combination of text and supporting documents) would surely provide ample opportunity to find anything against Trump. Yes these people are truly sick. I would like to provide Little Don a few smaller numbers that he may be able to comprehend. Zero (0) - the number of indictments that followed Muller’s final report. NIne (9) - the number of Republicans on the House Intel Committee requesting Adan Schiff to step down. Two (2) times (twice) the number of viewers that FOX News has over CNN and MSNBC. Fourteen (14) - the number of current democratic candidates for president promoting a narrative that leans toward socialism and the final number today Little Don is another Two (2) - the number of terms President Trump will complete as our Commander in Chief.

Size matters - if you would Rather Be Right, stick with the size you can handle.