Rather be Right

The DNC - Does Not Care -


Just ruthless in the aggression towards Trump. It is pathetic to watch the DNC victimize Trump on all fronts. Since the Mueller report did not generate the ‘hang em high’ results, the focus quickly turns to all the other areas that Trump must be found guilty. The left has a systematic approach to remove / impeach Trump at all costs. For two years the message has been Trump colluded with a foreign power to get elected. Obviously this is not the case so the DNC must move to goal posts to Trump’s private business, emoluments, campaign finances, the Trump organization, Inaugural committee and his foundations. The DNC Does Not Care about due process or the truth within the judicial system they are fixated on Trumps removal and they will spin any narrative to get this accomplished. On the same day we recognize the failure of the last ISIS stronghold in Syria and we can now claim victory, the DNC is promoting the mantra from collusion to obstruction to cover up. IF this is not enough, Trump must be guilty of hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. This is definitely going to bring Trump down because they brought in a felon and a convicted liar as a star witness. Dems. will not deviate from impeachment and will remain steadfast until they are victorious.. If this is what the DNC is focused on where does that leave average American with real life circumstances and daily issues? It takes a lot of energy to be angry and the anger issues will continue four more years - Trump will win AGAIN!! TRUMP 2020

Let the democrats focus on fake news while we pack the courts with conservative judges!!!