Rather be Right

Vindication - Oh what a relief it is -


How low can they go? The left is truly distraught over the fact there are not additional indictments at the end of the Mueller investigation. Democrats are crying over the fact that Trump must not have been indicted due to the policy of not indicting a sitting president. News flash for the inept, there is no such policy for Trump’s children, Jared Kushner, Jerome Corsi or Roger Stone. Indictments were not given to them because there is not enough evidence they colluded. What have learned from this sad episode is listen to and trust President Trump while questioning what you hear from the left media. It is Trump that has been steadfast in the ‘No Collusion’ message while the left generates fake news. Yes our president is legitimate and those that claim otherwise have a twisted inability to handle the truth.

Be smart like a FOX when you receive your news!!