Rather be Right

It's called a Witch Hunt for a reason -


This should be a great day in American history because in one way or another everyone suffered during the Mueller investigation. Upon its conclusion yesterday evening, the news has been fast and furious. I admit my discomfort level for left wing media is extremely high but over the last 12 hours, I have reached uncomfortable levels of utter distain. For 22 months (675 days) we have witnessed Trump get threatened daily not to intimidate, impede or interfere with Mueller’s work on any level. Sure Trump may have wanted to halt the investigation but wouldn’t anyone want to stop a Witch Hunt or any fictitious report from progressing? Trump was stead fast and allowed the vicious aggression to continue. Now the report is complete and the democrats did not get the pot of gold at the end of the Russian Rainbow, they are dismissing the investigation on the grounds of it not negative enough. Not only do the democrats and left media discount the findings, they look forward to Trump suffering through 16 other investigations and pressure from district courts. Yes this is a Witch Hunt because there is not a search for justice from the left, this is a search for our presidents demise. The left media would NOT Rather be Right because the opportunity for that was delivered yesterday and their arrogance is clouding compromise / progress.

Be smart like a FOX, be vigilant in messaging be conservative in nature and be at the ballot box in 2020.