Rather be Right

The only thing Warren got RIGHT is her jacket color, go RED -


Elizabeth Warren took a page directly from the Hilary Clinton playbook, how to make bad decisions.. Showing up at an HCBU in Jackson Mississippi, Warren took questions from a group that is questionable to show up at the polls. She congratulated every speaker and let them know that the question they read was a ‘good question’. Agreeing to absolutely every topic that was addressed, she almost promised that gifts would continue with a Warren administration and be paid by individuals making higher incomes. Not really sure what Warren wanted to accomplish by the car crash event in Mississippi but I am reassured the future of the democratic presidential race will be full of dropouts. Following Warrens dismal performance on CNN was Don Lemon. It literally took eight minutes for Don Lemon to mention Trump in a derogatory manor. Lemon reached low on a day that reported substantially high approval rating on the economy and polls that revealed 50% agreed the Mueller investigation was a ‘witch hunt’. Think again if the Lemon would report relevant events. No the Lemon choose to go lower with his own commentary on Trumps tweets, Steve Kings meme and the political battle if Mueller’s report is not published. Basically non events and definitely fake news.

Lemon would Rather be Right but can not help being left out.