Rather be Right

Vote for me, the one with the 'D' -


Ok - If you don’t have the ball on the playground just cry and tell the teacher the rules are not fair. With that mentality you will grow up to be a ‘very fine’ democrat. The candidates are now on the campaign trail promoting ideas that really have not been thoroughly addressed. Warren - how about eliminating the electoral college? This make a ton of sense to rely on the popular vote because democrats want open borders and allow anyone that has the potential to vote to be counted. Vote for me the one with the ‘D’ and I will give you everything from health care, higher min. wage, college education, child care, cell phones, subsidized housing and subsidized food. Vote for me the one with the ‘D’ and I will take additional money from those that are conservative and shower you with all these gifts. In return, please have as many children as you can and we will pick you up by bus on voting day. To much to chew on here but the kids also want to increase the number of justices to 15 because they do not like the current playground. Supreme court has not made a change like this in 150 years but that does not matter to these kids. Remain conservative - Remain accountable!!!