Rather be Right

Democrats will not win because they never learn –


Can not make this stuff up.  The same day polls reveal (CNN Poll) that 7 out of 10 Americans think the economy is in good shape, the Democrats demand an FBI probe into Trumps relationship with a massage / spa ex-owner.  This is absolutely ridiculous but GREAT news for our president.  As a matter of fact, these are the best results since Feb. 2001 – PRE OBAMA DAYS. The Democrats are so fixed on finding dirt on Trump they have actually lost focus on American progress.  As President Trump enjoys a great economy and increasing poll numbers, top Democrats spend their day fixated on any negative news they can attach our president to.  This is the fake information that Trump warns the American public about.  I don’t want to reveal to much strategy but……hey Democrats, you can not lead from behind!!!!! And true to form, that great journalist Don Lemon jumped on board by reporting the negative news while omitting these great poll results. Check this out - another poll reports 50% of the American public believe the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt. Yes fake news.