Rather be Right

Lemon connects Trump to everything negative –


Don Lemon has again attached President Trump to a negative headline.  Yes, in some ridiculous connection, Trump is associated with the recent college cheating scandal in the bias journalism ideology of CNN’s Don Lemon.  Somehow Trump magically makes people do the wrong thing. The Hollywood elite made some poor decisions lately and typically they are not Trump supporters but if they used bad judgement, its because of Trump. This narrative is getting so overplayed. If you can put a negative spin on a headline news story, I believe Don Lemon will surgically insert Trump’s influence.  Is this reporting or taking advantage of a primetime platform?   Somewhere in America someone spilled their coffee and it was definitely Trump’s fault, just ask Don Lemon. (This is a personal and exaggerated example, not a story in the news.) By the way, the coffee spill affected people that look like him more than anyone else. Thoughts???