Rather be Right

Is the white man at fault for this black womens ignorance???


Progressive stations routinely say Harris’s falling in the polls is due to the white man. You can see in the interview by CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Kamala Harris can fail on her own. She quickly points out all the illegal activity by Giuliani but fails to mention any specifics. Typical democratic talking points. Kamala Harris is failing in her run for the Presidency because she is inept and has zero policy that is favorable to Americans.


Productive people TRUMP progressive people every time,


yes racism exists today but it is blacks that are responsible !!! -


We are all subjected to increasing amounts of news coverage and the number of sources continue to increase. As coverage gets thrown in our faces at a feverish pace, don’t fall for left wing and liberal messaging. Below are a few examples of media / news stories but pay attention to the verbiage and words chosen to deliver liberal viewpoints. Specifically, I want to address the increasing message that racist ideology and victimization is increasing. It is my opinion, if there is any increase of racism, it is at the hand of the african American community. My viewpoints stem from the coverage of crimes that carry do not any racist connotation. If a white individual commits any crime on a black individual it is duly noted. If a black individual (or group / gang) commits a crime on a white individual, the race of the offender / victim is not noted because that would defy liberal logic that black individuals should not be held to the same standard of others but demand equality. Below you can see articles that clearly depict white offenders simply calling names of black victims. You can also see groups of blacks committing heinous crimes against different races yet never qualifies as a racist attack. Is there logic in this reporting? Equality will not happen unless we are all held to the same standard.


 This CNN article quickly mentions school buss activity which resulted in zero physical injury.


This CNN article mentions Pam Northam’s tendency to be tone deaf and obvious implications of wrong doing. I am sure Mrs. Northam did not intend any disrespect but that opinion was not suggested in this coverage. If even the slight belief of misdirected behavior of a white individual offends a black individual, an explanation or apology is expected.

Where are civil liberties groups apology for the blatant misconduct of individuals in the articles below and lets mention how much expense local communities need to spend on the obvious crimes. By the why look at the number of obvious offenders in the below articles and look at the criminal activity in the above articles. Jails are overwhelming filled with minorities. Go figure.





Most probably did not even hear about this but could you imagine if white people charged black people for the same event and used this pathetic excuse. Yes racism exists but we need to look at the real offenders. Below CNN reports on the music event but falls drastically short of mentioning the words racist activity. Call it what it is. This is definitely a superior group of blacks - blacks have the power and suppressing whites.


If people are not held to the same requirements, inequality is justified. Simply put, if you are held to an inferior standard, don’t cry when you are inferior. How misused are the terms marginalized and insignificant?

If you would Rather be Right, I suggest you read liberal text with a ton of skepticism. Bleeding heart liberalism will grow if you let it!!!

I am trying to deliver this reverse racist message without mentioning Jussie Smollett. How did I do?


Democrats are making Trumps second term a sure thing -


The democrats attempt to impeach Trump is turning out as dismal as Antonio Brown’s 2019 season. Democrats are a black mark to political posturing and AB is a black mark on the NFL. My suggestion is to ignore them both and hopefully they will go away. Unfortunately, not all brown stink goes away, it just lingers and makes it uncomfortable for everyone else. One would think adults would learn from their faults. In the case of democrats and money hungry receivers, ignorance is something that lingers.

By the way I am very pleased with the Bachelor decision being white. Great decision by ABC. Another positive event this week is the total collapse of Kamala Harris’s campaign. She is loosing poll numbers faster than AB is loosing guaranteed money. Both losers in the rear view mirror and America’s better for it.

If you would Rather be Right avoid the bling.


democrats rely on children, illegals and felons to beat Trump -


You cant argue democrats want to defeat Trump by relying on the most uneducated in society.

democrats want to lower the voting age

democrats want to give felons the right to vote

democrats want to open the border to draw more votes

It is paramount your educated vote is dedicated to the chosen one. Tonight we were provided the very direct ideology of taking your guns (O’Rourke), reducing criminal sentencing (Booker), giving two trillion dollars to failing HBCU’s (Harris), free everything (Sanders / Warren), protecting Obama care (Biden), paying reparations (everyone), making the accomplished pay for the incompetent (everyone), crying about racism (everyone), blaming white supremacy for community ineptness (everyone), failing criminal justice system (everyone).

I would Rather be Right because MAGA country depends on it. felons


Trumps America is better - I love Chick-fil-A


Real damaging rhetoric comes from the left and liberal outlets. What would MSNBC and CNN have to cover if the words racism, white nationalist, white supremist and voter suppression did not exist? Every time you pass a left leaning channel it only takes 15 seconds to hear one of these words and that is why viewership is tailing off. If Donald Trump was as bad as the left is claiming why would they be so concerned as to who could beat him. If Donald Trump is dividing America, is racist and is a contributor to violence then it would be easy to find a challenger competent to beat him. democrats are in a bad situation because America realizes Trump does not deserve the adolescent names the left is claiming he is. According to MSNBC, Trump is a bigoted demigod. Wow - then it should be easy to beat him. 24 candidates, soon to be 10 candidates are challenged to beat a white nationalist bigot! I watched Rachel Maddow on MSNBC tonight, at least I think it was tonight because she said the same thing and wore the same outfit as the last ten thousand times I channel surfed.

Sit back and think of all the BS democrats have put America through over the last three years. Congratulations, the blue wave has come and gone. Articles of impeachment have not been started, Elie Mystal needs a hair cut and Rachel Maddow owns one outfit.

Please look into this example of hypocritical left media (Don Lemon CNN) Today 8,8,2019 a white man was arrested in Missouri about an alleged shooting in a Walmart with zero injuries / fatalities. On the same day a black man was arrested for killing four people (stabbing) and injuring two others in California and not covered at all by Don Lemon. What I take from this is if you look like Don Lemon coverage is favorable and if you are a white male, your are going to be judged much more critical. This is a true example and would welcome any discussion on why CNN would cover the white non injury situation and not cover the black fatality situation on the same day!!! Could it be because Don Lemon is black?? The black man killed the white man did not - what story made CNN news?? This is a great example of FAKE NEWS!!!! Don Lemon says call it what it is and I definitely call his coverage of news - FAKE.

Football players with glasses and a bow tie do not seem credible. democrats should stop crying!

Please visit your local Chick-fil-A because it is great food at great value!!!!!!!

If you would Rather be Right tell everyone votes matter and in the era of Trump, accountability matters as well.


I would rather have McConnells guts that Tim Ryan's campaign -


These democratic Presidential candidates will not take advantage of exposure or media opportunities. There is not a leader among the group and it is evident by the carbon copy talking points about El Paso and Dayton. Yes I will bring up Chicago in this discussion because it is relevant to the issue of mass shootings. How many times have you heard a democratic candidate say the black vote and especially the black women’s vote is so important? This voting sector is critical to the success of any democratic candidate yet they instantly turn their attention from the grieving black moms in the urban areas dealing with children being shot for immature lies regarding white nationalism. Let me explain. 50 plus people, mostly minorities on the west and south sides of Chicago were shot in the same timeframe of El Paso and Dayton yet there are no visits and little coverage from the candidates that value their support so much. When will democratic voters learn the democratic leadership does not stand for anything nor place any real value on minority advancement. Booker, Harris, Ryan, Buttigieg, Biden, Warren etc etc etc will cry about inequality and racism 24 hours a day if given the opportunity. Chicago is suffering on a routine basis yet how much attention is received from the candidates that acknowledge the importance of the ‘black vote’. What is evident is, when presented an opportunity to mislabel our President as a white nationalist, it Trump’s any unfortunate situations within the black community. Sad but true, democratic candidates will attend (want to be seen) at a fish fry or a march for a BS cause, but when it comes to earning the respect, support and votes from minority communities - crickets. I said earing not ask for. democrats are always asking for the black vote and confused when they do not vote democratic but ask yourself if they earn the black vote? What democratic presidential candidate was in Chicago this week following ‘Chicago’s two mass shootings’ over the weekend? Perhaps urban communities continue to struggle because they historically vote democratic and the candidates are taking them for granted. While Donald Trump provides the best unemployment numbers for the black community, democratic candidates ignore them. Everyone in America deserves the same opportunities but things will not change as long as the black community continues to throw their cherished vote toward those that ignore them. If you would Rather be Right vote for Donald Trump because he delivers results and will not ignore you.


Witch hunt and Russian hoax is proven today -


Good luck getting impeachment after the pathetic performance of today.

Who is Omar married too????

Trump is WINNING at the southern boarder and with increased deportations.

The SQUAD is helping Republicans more than democrats.

DOJ is not prosecuting Barr or Ross for contempt - !!!

It is a witch hunt and a hoax and that became evident today at the Mueller testimony. Sad thing is the democrats brought this on themselves.

America should be able to move on from the ridiculous Russian hoax.

Democrats pulled off the biggest political embarrassment today and did not learn a thing from it.

The Steele Dossier, Nunes and Jim Jordan will be a thorn in the side of democrats going forward.


Liberal and POC issues are getting old -


Couple thoughts today -

“In my truck, we go by my rules”, men can not get a break. With the onslaught of sexual allegations, men simply do not want to be put in any compromising situation. Especially when they need to address the ‘he inappropriately touched me’ accusation. Even Joe Biden is a victim of this this type of unfortunate situation. Now if you want to protect yourself by evading potential bad situations, your considered a sexist. Please - my truck, my rules so get over it.

I support Tucker Carlson’s viewpoint of Ilhan Omar. She just looks defiant and mean when she speaks. Yes I believe there is built up hatred for America here. - nuff said.

The left liberal media can not try harder to tie Jeffrey Epstein to Donald Trump. Hours have been spent on how Trump is negatively involved with Epstein. How about Bill Clinton and his relationship with Epstein, barely covered by the left media. FOX needed to report this relationship in abundance because CNN and MSNBC will not give our President a break.

Megan Rapinoe is a complete joke. In NY City she proudly took the stage and said American needs to come together and stop the infighting - she should ‘man up’ and show up to the White House and leave her profanity laced tongue on her gym bag. Definitely not an a superior image for young women. The left media is already talking about her potential in the political arena. According to liberal society, purple hair is great for politics but red hair has run its course for a mermaid. Could you imagine AOC, Rapinoe and Omar in congress? That image will catapult Trump’s approval 10 points.

I actually thought Buttigieg was a bright and articulate candidate for the democrats. He is possibly caving to the socialistic left more that any other candidate. He just released his ‘Douglass Plan’ this morning. Since his approval in the black community is dismal and he was humiliated by black South Bend residents following a white cop / black man shooting, he did the only thing a democratic candidate cold do. He released a racist plan that panders to the black community. He mentioned so many areas that need assistance within the black community from healthcare, small business, HCBU’s, criminal justice etc. Same story. I wonder how the black community is doing so poorly in so many areas yet wants credit for building America.

Don Lemon interviewed Charlamagne Tha God yesterday. Yes that is his name and don’t be so judgmental. I believe he runs with Pants Without Belts, Icecream Selfie and Flash Mob Ike. Charlamagne was asked who he believes would be the best democratic candidate to run against. Trump. Hold your hat - he said Kamala Harris because it is time for a women, specifically of color to run our nation. He provided zero detail on her policy or reasoning for being the preferred candidate other than she is a POC. I suppose some people believe they should vote for the candidate that looks like them instead of those with merit, substance or leadership ability. Charlamagne is one god you should not listen to.

R Kelly was arrested in Chicago on similar charges as Epstein - what are the chances Cuomo, Lemon or Anderson will spend hours on this arrest. Many of R Kelly’s were black. If blacks lives really matter, wouldn’t this arrest warrant similar attention. It wont for two (2) reasons. CNN is dedicated to issues that only have a Trump connection & black lives only matter when it pertains to liberal news.

Trump is always being ridiculed for using the FOX platform for Right leading messages. What is the difference between Trump / FOX and Kamala Harris / MSNBC? Harris was interviewed by Rachael Maddow. Zero follow up questions nor substantive conversation. Harris just ranted about how poor of a job Trump is doing. Harris could not thank Maddow enough for letting her speak without interruption. Democrats use MSNBC like Trump uses FOX but Republicans are to astute / mature to cry about adolescent and petty issues. I must finish by mentioning how angry Harris appears when she speaks, could be that hostile black women thing. Can I get an Amen.

If you would Rather be Right, listen to the God that did not need to change his name for recognition.


democrats better get WOKE because Trumps approval is on fire -


Things are great tonight for President Trump. His approval rating is up and will continue to go up. He warned everyone about the crisis at the southern boarder and finally the democrats got WOKE. He continues to seat judges across our country and finally the democrats got WOKE. He enhanced our feeling of patriotism with our capitals celebration and finally the democrats got WOKE. He is challenging China on trade negotiations over IP theft and finally the democrats got WOKE. His relationship with North Korea is progressing and finally democrats got WOKE. He has always claimed not collusion / obstruction and finally the democrats got WOKE. He has drastically reduced complicated regulations for small businesses and finally the democrats got WOKE. His relentless drive to rid our nation of illegal immigrants is impressive and finally the democrats got WOKE. Gerrymandering is left to the states and finally the democrats got WOKE. He appointed a competent Attorney General and finally the democrats got WOKE. He will have some form of immigration based question on the 2020 Census and finally the democrats got WOKE. He has achieved amazing unemployment rates and finally the democrats got WOKE. He returned manufacturing employment (someone said it could not happen) and finally the democrats got WOKE. He passed a huge tax break for those that matter and finally democrats got WOKE. He got rid of the ridiculous Obama mandate and finally the democrats got WOKE. He is challenging abortion laws state by state and finally the democrats got WOKE. His administration is responsible for combating our Opioid problem and finally democrats got WOKE. Thank god he seated TWO (2) Supreme Court Judges and finally the democrats got WOKE. He cleared roadblocks to construct the Keystone XL pipeline reducing American dependence of foreign oil and finally the democrats got WOKE. He moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and finally the democrats got WOKE. He has provided massive funding for our nations strength in military and finally the democrats got WOKE. He continues to grow his massive account for his 2020 campaign and finally the democrats got WOKE. By the way - did I mention the economy? and finally the democrats got WOKE.

While Trump makes good on his promises the democrats can not even keep their largest promise of the midterms - the blue wave was to be the momentum needed to begin impeachment proceedings. democratic voters better get WOKE because blue leadership is completely lost.

Trump has more than a year to get so much accomplished while democrats infight about segregation, bussing and what candidate is getting the lions share of the black vote. Talk about wasting time on topics that do not matter. The democratic playbook is one of Trump’s largest allies.

If you would Rather be Right , support President Trump. Victory is a sure thing in 2020 because democrats are not WOKE!


Where should cops hang out - not Starbucks


To say these are changing times is an understatement. A customer at Starbucks was nervous when six cops decided to meet for a cup of coffee before their shift. My first question is what type of individual is nervous in public around cops. The customer was so distraught, a Starbucks employee asked the cops to leave the store. Stop and think how absurd this scenario is. Uniformed law enforcement asked to leave a Starbucks. I have personally witnessed overzealous Starbucks employees but I would believe six uniformed police officers would not be treated this poorly. This goes to show that in our evolving liberal society, nervous patrons have more seniority than six police officers and how liberal of a barista do you need to be to make such a request in the first place. Common sense left the building way before the cops did. In the days of flash mobs steeling 30 thousand ($30,000) in 30 seconds and licking containers of ice cream for fame from the adolescent minded does anything surprise you? I may be going out on a limb here but it is my belief that flash mobs, ice cream lickers and barista siding with nervous customers tend to favor democratic beliefs. I will go out on another limb and say Republicans believe this is completely irrational behavior.

If you would Rather be Right, lick your ice cream at home after you have paid for it or be Republican, same thing.


If you like dogs, trees, cars, air, clocks etc you will taxed -


The 2020 Presidential election is still over a year away and that leaves plenty of time for democrats to challenge each other on developing the greatest socialistic agenda. After the democrats partied in SC over the weekend and did not order enough fish or white bread to feed each other, they hit the campaign trail to socialistic bliss hard. Welcome to a new work week and say hello to all the new ideas being introduced by the left wing taxing machine. I did not believe any ideas could be more left than Andrew Yang’s (yes Andrew Yang, he is a democratic presidential candidate) $1000 monthly cash giveaway to everyone, but i was wrong. Elizabeth Warren kicked off the week by doubling down on reparations. She is not getting enough accolades for her vote buying attitude on black reparations so she is now catering to the gay vote by introducing reparations for gay couples. This is a new spending program by Pocahontas above and beyond her wealth tax. Bernie Sanders wants to cancel all student loan debt with a price tag of about $1.6 trillion. You may want to ask yourself where is this money going to come from when the democrats can not donkey up eight (8) billion for security infrastructure (a wall) on our southern boarder. Why would they want to reduce the number of future non self sufficient voters? It gets better. Remember Beto O’Rourke from El Paso Texas. He dreamed up another way successful Americans can be forced to pay a little bit more. According to Beto, when America goes to war, any non veteran households making $200,000 will be mandated to contribute to a portion of their income to offset veteran / war costs. So now wealthy Americans can pay for war costs in addition to healthcare for all and higher education for all. While dreaming up this ideas democrats will look you square in the eye and say it is not SOCIALISM and follow it by telling you Trump is a liar. Are you kidding me?? Do not look for this tax the rich idea on Beto’s web site because it is a verbal tease that he is throwing out there without any real commitment. I hope you don’t like dogs, trees, cars, air, clocks or wear underwear because if you do and you make $200,000 you just may be mandated to pay for the birthday party of a little girl / boy who has ten brothers and sisters and their parents only make the minimum wage that was just increased to $15 HR. This is not a far cry from reality if a democrat gets in the White House. Republicans are to smart for this Beto - they will simply stop their income at $199,999 and have you pay a bit more. If you really believe in it, put it on your website or are you still running a campaign without a manager?

I would Rather be Right so I try not to listen to the liberal rhetoric from the campaign trail. Trump is doing a fine job MAGA. Continue to support Trump and his administration because he believes in you paying for your own birthday party.


why do democrats listen to NBA loosers and mad black leaders -


Steph Curry of the loosing NBA finals Golden State Warriors was interviewed recently and felt compelled to provide liberal messaging about several topics. Curry chimed in on an event following his teams loss in the NBA finals. Curry actually insinuated that it could have been a racial situation when Raptors President Masai Ujiri allegedly hit an officer with two fists that was simply requesting his credentials prior to entering a restricted space. Hints were made that perhaps this incident would not have taken place if the Raptors President was white. This kind of implications that are not justified have ramifications to younger listeners. People with superior recognition have a moral obligation to realize comments are easily misunderstood by younger generations. If you have a viewpoint, that is fine but remember the larger your mouthpiece, the larger your audience. Off the cuff (perhaps) comments perpetuate hostility between races. This is exactly how negative racial rhetoric begins and magnifies into a unjustifiable talking points. Remember - some (Jussie Smollett) are actually charged and accused of making up racial stories so disgusting in hopes of furthering racial division. I would bet Smollett and Curry are both democrats. Look at the black leaders that quickly supported this Chicago story. I am more concerned with the repulsive responses from influential black leaders than the actual fictitious events dreamed up by Smollett. Lets go further Steph, some could claim the physical altercation would not have happened if the President was white as well. To often a physical option is a result of racial confrontation and maybe a physical altercation would not have taken place if Ujiri was white and the officer was black. This is a true problem and we need to talk about it instead of talking about fictitious drivers. Physical violence is not an option no mater what color you are and to allegedly hit someone over simply asking for an ID is pathetic. To seemingly justify an assault of this magnitude (the officer needed medical assistance) and introduce a racial connotation is absolutely repulsive. There is not a shred of information being released by officials regarding any racial implication in this situation and to introduce this is damaging to race relations in general. It is my opinion that Curry’s voicing a unwarranted hypothetical is more damaging to American civility than the actual alleged assault. Curry’s teammate, Draymond Green tried to create a connotation that owning a sports team has equivalency to owning people following Bob McNair’s comments of prisoners running a prisons. If you think my comments are not justified, listen to the black democratic Presidential candidate Harris speak in Columbia, SC today and look defiant while mentioning the word FIGHT a dozen times. She absolutely looks mad instead of presidential. Another presidential candidate Booker was so consumed at the word “BOY’ he discussed it ad nauseam for days and will definitely be a talking point at both evenings of the initial democratic debates. Race relations in America are NOT as bad as influential black leaders and some black sports figures would like you to believe. Often racial implications exist by those that want them to exist. The left media gives Al Sharpton a platform to talk to the democratic frontrunner about the word ‘BOY’. Republicans are not divisive and the possibility of our country improving race relations in the days of left wing media only talking about race is absolutely not achievable. The racism rhetoric is only growing from the days of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson which now includes the commentary of Don Lemon and Am Joy, the ridiculous bills written by Maxine Watters / Sheila Jackson Lee and the Presidential candidates Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren. The American population is about 330 million. Most Americans across our country interact extremely well and coexist among each other without any racially charged incidents. Since Americans genially interact well day to day, HOW can CNN and MSNBC spend so many hours discussing the bad race relations are in America? I will reiterate, our country does not have bad racial relations we have a portion of our population that wants to make race a larger issue than it warrants. The road to American recovery pertaining to race begins with democrats wanting all votes not black votes and white votes. Segregation in America is definitely a democratic issue and that is why they always talk about it. It is our democratic and liberal brothers and sisters that try to develop divisive and destructive and fictitious racial talking points. As adults we must realize our comments and messaging influences younger generations. Racism is only growing because the number of adults promoting the fictitious existence of racism is growing. Everyone has a viewpoint but some are more influential due to the reach of their famous / popular messaging capabilities ( The Curry’s, Lemon’s a Booker’s of the world). I do not care what color my skin is but I do know that I would Rather be Right and American than live anywhere else in the world. I believe race relations in America would be much better if we really addressed and talked about it instead of having bias ‘being black in America’ commentaries and watched what we said when giving opinions. The extensive discussions regarding the word ‘BOY’ only has importance to those that want it to have importance. BOY - I wish Presidential candidates would talk more about topics that impact all Americans and not dwell on insignificant verbiage. YES I SAID INSIGNIFICANT AND BOY - I also said All Americans and I’m sure that was conveniently overlooked. Talking points are often more important than building America for all. If your presidential candidacy talking point is exclusively about the word ‘BOY’, I suggest you MAN up and get out of the race.


This is a warning Iran -


Our President is so superior and smart. President Trump continues to impress me and those that trust his judgement. We went to the edge of engagement and pulled back. President Trump does not want to go to war with Iran and CNN /MSNBC is so stuck on stupid that they really do not report facts in American favor. There are so many examples of this of left wing media disparaging Trumps reasoning, credibility, decisions and policy. How many times do you need to watch liberal media speak in terms of President Trump as not capable of thinking, acts out of impulse, no ideology, can be swayed in every direction and much more. If President Trump is so enthralled with beginning war with Iran, why did he make the decision to stand down at the last minute of an air strike in progress. Since left media does not have an answer to this kind of FAKE NEWS, they then turn to adolescent reporting tactics and focuses on ‘Cocked and Loaded’ It is repulsive that left wing reporting is directed toward making Trump and his administration look bad instead of properly reporting on international engagement with lives at stake. Absolutely zero ideas or plans are introduced by the left during our escalating conflict with Iran but an abundance of negative reporting is routinely provided. I wish we were on the same team and wanted the same positive outcomes for all Americans. This is not a reality when left media is more interested in the failure / impeachment of our President than genuine progress of all. We are looking at confrontation with Iran squarely in the eye and our left media is more worried about how Trump aborted a military strike than the well being of our nation, how pathetic. Really troubling the left is so adolescent in their reporting that they focus more on the word ‘BOY’ and ‘Cocked and Loaded’ than providing substantive information. This is exactly why we do not need White House briefings when we can get real and factual news by turning on FOX. I would Rather be Right so I limit my time with liberal left wing networks.


democrats are not mathmaticians -


I must put this information simple and low so the goats (democrats) can get it:

Trump collected $24.8 Million in his first 24 hours - that is more than the top three democratic contenders COMBINED.

Trump spoke in front of 22-25 thousand people at his Presidential kick off rally. This is more than the top four (4) democratic audience sizes COMBINED.

The Quinnipiac University poll had Gillum beating DeSantis (in Florida) - how did that turn out?

Hillary was a shoe in as our next President according to polls - how did that turn out?

I hope democrats continue to pay attention to false polls that do not mean a thing and continue to ignore turnout / collection numbers which will ultimately result in a second Trump term.

This is exactly why we do not need press conferences, the liberal media does ‘not know how to handle the truth’.

I would Rather be Right so I support the party that understands math.


Its official in Orlando 45 Fest Rocks -


Trump officially kicked off his Presidential campaign tonight in Orlando. He picked the right state to let America know he is officially a candidate and what a superior candidate he will be. People waited forty plus hours to see Trump make this announcement and the house was packed. Joe Biden, the democratic frontrunner campaigns in Iowa and has difficulty getting an audience of three hundred. Even more difficult for Biden is keeping three hundred people awake. What a stanch difference between campaign events. Major networks like CNN, which played a pivotal role in the rally when the audience shouted “CNN SUCKS”, decided not to air the event. The decision was made to shelter liberal sheep but provide plenty of opinions regarding fact checking Trumps comments. Fake news at its best, do not show Trumps rally but immediately offer negative commentary. MSNBC and CNN must not trust their audiences to make their own decisions because they chose not to broadcast Trumps magnificent message. Actually, this might have been a good corporate decision because it would be very embarrassing to show “CNN SUCKS” on your own network. That would require a lot of bleeping. I am so surprised the liberal networks and the democratic party did not learn anything from 2016. They hang their hats on todays polls and gleefully show how Trump trails democratic contenders. How did that work for them with Hillary. If I remember correctly, Hillary was expected to win according to the polls and she is not spending much time at the White House these days. If democrats speak, expect the opposite, similar to Hillary will win and Pelosi will impeach Trump. Yeah right, must be difficult being a democrat.

My advice to Trump - keep everything constant and enjoy the ride. The hats are the same, the message is the same, the music is the same and your base will reward you for keeping your word. Nothing can shake the optimistic outlook Trump supporters have for our President that does not get the respect he deserves from the media. Lets be honest, the media does not like Trump and it is obvious they want him out of office. Problem is, the American people are having a much more difficult time believing the media is not bias and reports things honestly. Americans are not stupid and realize a Trump tweet is more honest than a report from CNN or MSNBC following a White House briefing. We are better informed as a nation without Fake News.

Hey democrats, 20,000 is larger than 300 and photos do not lie, that is why you are shielded from honest reporting. Ask yourself why left media did not want to show Trumps 20,000 people rally but will show 300 sleepers in a diner. Do not be confused. It is ok to turn off bias fake news because I know you would Rather be Right.


CNN crying again -


Chris Cillizza from CNN wrote an article today about Republicans and the right media, specifically FOX is being to harsh on Joe Biden. He specifically mentioned Trump, Kennedy and Hannity being abusive to the democratic frontrunner. This is a great example of ‘fake news’. If you were able to see Joe Biden on the campaign trail in Ottumwa, IA in front of a dismal & pathetic turnout, you witnessed Slow Joe in action. The media knew that Biden was going to heavily criticize Trump during his speech and that is ok. Trump gets harassed from twenty four (24) contenders, bias left wing media, late night comedians and the House of Representatives and takes it well. If Trump dishes any disparaging comments, they are definitely deserved. The difference between Trump getting hazed about his health and Biden getting hazed is, Biden deserves it. How can Biden be the frontrunner and how does any democrat get excited listening to Slow Joe? If Biden continues to poll higher (double digits) than the other candidates, Trump’s victory in 2020 is a slam dunk. The reason I say this is because the election is over a year away and this particular campaign will be exhausting for everyone. It does not seem like Joe Biden has the energy required to be victorious and when the DNC recognizes it, they will sabotage the Biden campaign for a lesser candidate like they did in 2016. Chris Cillizza may think Fox is treating Biden unfairly but that could not be further form the truth. Biden deserves to be called both slow joe (uneventful speeches) and flip flop joe (Hyde Amendment) . Everyone would Rather be Right and for that reason, everyone should support Donald Trump, the healthy candidate.

Watch Trump in Iowa and watch Biden in Iowa, the true leader will be obvious.


California tent cities and living in your car -

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It takes a liberal government to make piss poor decisions and you can’t get much more liberal than California. As if growing tent cities and throw away needles on sidewalks and streets was not enough, California has just passed a bill that would require Community Colleges in the state to provide a designated safe parking area where homeless students can sleep in their cars overnight. That’s right, there is a problem with the growing college homelessness and instead of believing the students are competent enough to help themselves, California will fix the problem by providing another service enabling dependency. It is now claimed that California is dealing with an increasing population of homeless college students. This is the future of educated members of society that can not support themselves in the great state of California. When does common sense and accountability come into play? My first question is, wouldn’t you take care of your personal living situation prior to college? Perhaps defer college for a year or two until you can sustain a productive environment for higher education? Instead if asking homeless students these questions, the state reacts by requiring schools to provide what students should be providing for themselves. How successful will you be as a college student in California if you live in your car? Does the ‘give me everything’ mentality move continue after graduation? If you can not afford a home after graduation to hang your diploma, does the state of California buy you a home as well? If you decide to have a family while attending college will the state of California take your car in on trade and provide you a larger vehicle more conducive to a growing family? Since everything you own is in your trunk and laundry must be difficult, can the state of California help with dry cleaning pick up services at the parking lot? Cooking is a terrible situation, may I suggest the state of California provide a change of pace dining experience catered to the parking lots. Since you attend college and can not afford an apartment please be patient with the state of California, they are trying to make things as comfortable as possible. It is completely incomprehensible that in 2019 we would expect college students to live in a apartment and provide the basics (in the old days we referred to it as food, clothing and shelter) required to be a self supporting member of society. As a proud resident and college graduate in the state of California you can look forward to the progression toward tent cities where you can celebrate your achievements shooting up illegal drugs with state provided needles. Do not be concerned about the trash after discarding your hazardous / infectious & dirty needles, the state of California has garbage pick up services that housekeep for the addicts. The homeless problem in California has only grown over the years. The situation has escalated out of control and will not get better as long as the liberal minded government continues to put a pacifier in the mouths of adults acting like adolescents. Wouldn’t you Rather be Right and live your life similar to what was envisioned by Kennedy. It’s not what the ‘STATE OF CALIFORNIA’ can do for you, it’s what can you do for the ‘STATE OF CALIFORNIA’. This common sense approach to life has really taken a back seat (in your car) in California but don’t worry, the state will provide your parking lot. If you have more asperations for life than living in your car, support Donald Trump in 2020. He would probably deny your request for a parking lot after telling you the unemployment rate nationally is 3.6 percent and you should be able to achieve more in America. Trump may suggest you clean a parking lot instead of asking one be provided for you to live in.


Comon man let it end -


Bob Mueller just let us know a few things that the democrats refuse to hear!! BOB MUELLER DOES NOT WANT TO TESTIFY IN FRONT OF CONGRESS. The report is expected to speak for itself and if you are educated / astute of the facts provided, let them speak. The democrats, choose not to listen to the special council that has worked diligently for two years to develop the final ‘Mueller Report’. Bob Mueller now stands at a podium and refers to the Attorney General as delivering the findings in good faith without holding (legally required) information from congress / the public. The decision is now in the hands of the democrats and Pelosi - are you going to react (say what you were going to do) or not. The blue wave and the Mueller report have now come and gone and the democrats have not made any achievements towards defeating Trump as promised. Giving democrats legitimacy to react appropriately following the Mueller report is a joke. Our election process was compromised but Donald Trump is not at fault as our previous president that knew it would happen. Why should Donald Trump be prosecuted in any way when he did not collude in an attempt for a foreign identity to obstruct our democracy. If the democrats feel there is obligation to challenge our president, I hope they are willing to understand the facts will exonerate our leader. The removal of President Trump is highly unlikely and the reelection of Donald Trump is highly achievable with the actions of a democratic House. The blue wave is actually acting as a favorable outcome for our President.

The democrats do not have an obvious leader not direction toward promoting significant policy. As a result of inefficient leadership and not listening to the left constituents, Trump will be victorious in 2020. Wouldn’t you Rater be Right and support our leader?