Rather be Right

Maybe a black women president, but not this one -


Two nights of democratic presidential debates are completed and Trump’s confidence should soar as a result. The frontrunner may have been dethroned. Democrats are realizing Biden probably is not the candidate to take down the all mighty Trump. What should be alarming is how much recognition Harris is getting for just one exchange during the FIRST debate. The left media wants to perpetuate narratives it so desperately wants to be true. The success of a black women candidate is chum for left wing media. This was also evident with just a hint of achievement from Georgia’s Stacy Abrams. I watched both nights of debates did not see much go get excited about. Harris is clearly the current favorite without introducing any policy or substance. CNN claims Biden’s campaign may be in turmoil as a result of one exchange about bussing and segregation. Trump gets ridiculed for mentioning Hillary because we are ‘over it’ and we need to ‘move on’. Kamila Harris is the democratic dream candidate by going all the way back to bussing and segregation. The democratic frontrunner was easily removed from the pedestal by another presidential candidate whom is black. Remember it was Booker (black candidate) that confronted Biden on the word ‘BOY’ and now Harris (black candidate) angrily attacked Biden on bussing. There is no disputing Harris made progress for her candidacy during the debates but she did not appear presidential, rather angry, divisive and incompetent. There is nothing in Harris’s disrespectful attack on Biden that makes me think her childhood bussing and neighborly disagreements makes her a leader. I am not impressed by the angry and policyless Harris. There is zero substance to a candidate that discredits Biden and Trump without providing replacement policy. I can take away two talking points by these black candidates confronting Biden. One, how can democrats say they are not divisive / not dividing Americans on racial politics when it appears that is ALL they discuss. Post debate, CNN and MSNBC continually mentioned the black vote, specifically the importance of the black women vote. How convenient is it for a network to discredit and call out white men and perpetuate a specific voting group while claiming NOT to be divisive. There will always be identity politics and strained racial relations as long as we have networks that promote specific race and gender expectations of Presidential candidates. Further, it is disgraceful to insinuate the importance of a candidates race and gender to obtain identity votes. Race complications will continue as long as voters vote on skin color and gender rather than substance and policy. The phrases ‘first black….. and first women…..’ should not be the primary reason a candidate is elected to the highest office in the land but it appears the left media can not stop discussing its importance. If you are not talking about impeaching Trump, giving things away (taxing the rich) or race relations (bussing, terminology, reparations, policing or fictitious racism) what else is there. Seriously - watching the debates reinforced my belief the democrats put more stock in skin color than policy. Contrary to what democrats want you to believe, our country and our democracy is not in a crisis and not being run by a racist. Four more years of Trump is exactly what we need because we need to hold off on the exorbitant bills that would be generated by the liberal / socialistic left.

Votes matter - in 2020 we have the choice of reelecting Trump and continue with the direction we are familiar with or elect a liberal - give away progressive. The left continues to drive fear in America. We are not in a war and our economy is doing well for those living outside tent cities or California. Further, for those that do not invest in the thriving stock market or belts for your pants, stop spending so much time crying about segregation, immigration, racism, impeachment, reparations, gerrymandering and equality. These social issues are obstacles that impede individual progress. If you are not experiencing economic success from the stock market, how do you find time to make signs and march? Work hard to become part of the one percent instead of supporting candidates that will give you everything from $1K a month and free education to healthcare and a guaranteed job. Sounds great to be given everything but what was personally earned or achieved? If you go to the mailbox to retrieve what you should earn from an employer, you are rightfully referred to as a democrat. Our society makes it much easier and tolerates those that cry about inequality than make individual enhancements. I know you would Rather be Right so put down the signs and megaphones and pick up a MAGA hat.