Rather be Right

Blacks are behind today and will be tomorrow -


Last night was the National Summit on Gentrification. It was aired by several media outlets and the main speaker was Mark Thompson. Thompson was supported by a panel of black community leaders from around the country. I am writing about this because I became discouraged for any significant improvements in the black community after watching this event. To say that race relations in America are strained is a huge understatement. If you watch CNN and MSNBC you will be subjected to white supremacy, racism, Charlottesville and many other categories that directs failing race relations on white America. The panel at the Gentrification Summit took this belief and shot it with steroids. White America is the problem and blacks are completely innocent of any problems within ‘their communities’. Yes we have significant problems with race but it is the black community and liberals that are responsible for a large portion. Listening to black leaders promote ignorant ideology to a 99% black audience makes understanding the plight of blacks much more palatable. The Gentrification Summit was consumed with pity and ‘woe is me’ moments that are largely self inflicted and magnified by leaders lacking true initiative. The requirements of good leadership were overwhelmingly absent in this panel - can I get amen! It is disgusting listening to black leaders spend an evening making multiple racial comments and targeting white Americans as the primary reason for problems within their community. This panel was consumed with the dismantling of capitalism and the promotion of socialism. But to understand this ignorance one needs to look at the makeup of the inept panel and the core of the their belief structure. I am concerned for the continued demise of the black communities because the masses listen to the messaging of leaders promote nongrowth, redirecting responsibility and of coarse reparations. Yes, reparations was a huge hit with the audience because if falls in line with the mantra of socialism. When should we expect the black community to stop listening to these leaders that only have a voice as long as the community continues to struggle? If blacks focus on reparations and gentrification they are simply loosing sight on advancements in tech industries, AI development, Supreme Court decisions and all significant aspects of city growth. This is specifically why inequality and dependency on programs grow. Superior life quality is achieved through good leadership and the black community is extremely defunct when it pertains to strategic guidance. It is the black communities that will continue to suffer as long as their leaders look back at bussing and reparations. Our current economy, job market, stock market and infrastructure development are doing extremely well. You would not know this by talking to black leaders and black Presidential candidates. Topics of discussion within black leadership are the word ‘BOY’, bussing and segregation, reparations, HCBU’s, the importance of the black women’s vote, black lives matter and gentrification. Remember, Kamala Harris catapulted her campaign talking about historical race issues, not topics of substance or policy for all Americans. Although these are extremely important topics, they are divisional topics that are used to generate votes and influence identity politics. Further, as long as these topics remain in the forefront of black talking points, real progress will not be made. Simply put, black leaders spend so much time discussing topics of black relevance and black relevance alone, a since of alienation is developing and never called what it truly is - division and complicating racial relations. The choice of infusing ‘black’ into every topic is having an profound and negative impact within our country. This is evident with the current situation (police shooting) in South Bend, IN. Facts are not made public about this shooting but look at the disgusting response from the community. Another recent news headline is the women charged in Alabama with Manslaughter of her unborn child. Remember the mother and the shooter were both black and the topic that is not discussed is the District Attorney that brought initial prosecution is also a black women. In this situation, left media insists it is the fault of gun manufactures and the government. The American public should open their eyes and question leadership and media that drives division, not embrace it.

If you would Rather be Right, continue to focus on the future and making individual achievements. This is clearly not an option for democrats that choose to focus on the days of bussing. While Trump makes historic International relations becoming the first sitting President to visit the DMZ, democrats jeopardize their future by focusing on the past. Seriously - democratic leaders are complaining that ‘SOME’ people do not get to take advantage of a great stock market. Could it be because they think it is important to discuss segregation and bussing issues from decades past. Trump is in a commanding position as long as democrats infight about irrelevant history and socialistic agendas - can I get an AMEN!!!! Lets look at the definition of Gentrification: the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle- class taste AND the process of making a person or activity more refined or polite (internet definition and Wikipedia) - On its face and definition alone, black leaders are apposed of gentrification and actually lead people not to take part in refining the quality of life for the better. If the black community actually improves, what would the panel at the Gentrification Summit complain about? - can I get an AMEN!! Stop with the crying of how America was built on the backs of blacks when you are purposely standing in the way of American progress today.

If you fall behind, its because your looking back.