Rather be Right

I support McConnell's reparation message -


Did you expect Cory Booker to have any other beliefs other than the ones he cried on capital hill today? Here is what’s confusing. According to Booker ( a 1-2% democratic presidential candidate - basically a nothing burger in 2020) he is familiar with low income communities mostly of black and brown people and is extremely upset about our countries practices of segregation, redlining, healthcare disparities, dismal criminal justice system, disparaging educational opportunities, growing wealth gap and deep systematic inequalities. What positive things are happening to black and brown communities in America according to Booker? When was the last time Booker said anything good about being a black or brown American? Everything is negative, challenging, unequal, disparaging and racist. YET - he and his fellow democrats who share in his radical racial beliefs want to welcome more immigrants to cross our southern boarder. More people of limited means to experience these atrocities. That’s right, as Booker cried on capital hill and spoke to liberal media, he continued his tirade of our inept governmental policies that discriminately effect black and brown people. How disgusting is this? If our country is so inept and broken to minority communities, specifically black and brown, why would he want an increasing number of black and brown people to enter our country? This is one sick thought process. If Booker knows how bad our country treats low income communities, why would he want to subject additional people to experience this harsh and unjust treatment? I can not comprehend the narcissistic behavior of democrats that want innocent immigrants to be subjected to the same treatment we are asked to address with reparations. This is truly twisted and morbid thinking. Do future votes of black and brown people really mean enough to sacrifice the lives of innocent immigrant families? Enough is enough democrat politicians, lives matter more than votes. This is when Trump comes in to save and help the black and brown communities. Under Trump, unemployment results and judicial programs (second step act) directed toward black and brown people have been making tremendous progress. In addition, Trump wants to control illegal immigration and monitor the flow of immigrants on the southern boarder. Trump makes sense when it comes to policy and practice. What makes sense about complaining about our racially disparaging country and want more black and brown people to be subjected to our American hell? Bookers answer is simple, continue the illegal immigration under the cloak of human rights to gain future votes and give REPARATIONS to communities that look like him. Win - win for the Booker camp. If Booker really cares about low income communities and suggests our country partakes in savage inequality practices why would he support anyone to enter America (especially illegally) until we can properly respect and support our current population. Booker must realize you can not pay your way out of trouble and introduce more lives at the same time. Pathetic democratic thought practices. Lets not pay reparations - lets build a southern boarder wall. The wall is common sense and reparations are bleeding heart liberalism. I would Rather be Right so I support construction of a BIG wall. Funny we are talking about reparations today. Democrats complain when Republicans bring up Hillary Clinton injustices because that was years ago and we have moved forward but democrats can bring up the injustices of hundreds of years ago and Jim Crow as though it was yesterday. How selective democrats are when they are trying to justify their beliefs. The true face of ignorance is worn by donkeys. There are racial issues in America but I really do not care what people called Cory Booker’s dad and that is a left wing prime time talking point as our infrastructure is crumbling under ALL AMERICANS. Don Lemon on CNN choose to interview Booker tonight (barely a top 10 candidate), Cornel West and John McWhorter who shares ideology / opinions re: black and brown communities. This is not new nor introduces anything of substance to viewers. Do not worry if you missed it, I am confident it will lead tomorrows show as well. Black and brown issues are by far the most common topic for the bias Lemon and he will always find a guest that agrees checks / payments are the answers that fixes all the issues in troubled communities. I did not know the word boy had such an impact on people. If this is a significant topic, how will democrats handle any major issue outside fictitious racism?? Believe it or not, black and brown should not be every other talking point for democrats and left wing media. If you want to be our President, act presidential and stop crying. Moral obligation for all?? I used the phrase ‘black and brown’ ad nauseam throughout this column - are you as tiered of it as I am? Just wait, we are now entering the throws of the 2020 Presidential campaign and that is all the democrats know how to talk about. Get ready because all the democrats will run on is who can beat Trump, impeachment, reparations, green new deal, LGBTQ+ rights and I guess now the word ‘boy’. Wow, powerful messaging from the left. I am extremely confident Trump will exceed the electoral college results in 2016. Could this be the reason democrats want to change this as well???? Why does CNN allow Don Lemon to spend numerous hours and a ton of network expenses / costs every week targeting Trump? It is obvious Lemon carries tremendous distain for our president and I believe CNN will have a difficult time licking their wounds following a Trump 2020 victory. i am not in the media industry but I really enjoy watching CNN throw away money every night with Lemon delivering a bunch of nothing. Don is so fixated on Trump and fake racism it is obviously taking a toll on his mental state (this is my opinion). I say this because he continues to run the exact same clips through the same broadcast. What progress is being made by CNN reporting with overuse of the same tactics? If Lemon thinks a clip reveals anything racist, it is played numerous times. Mr. Lemon, where is your office located within CNN? The difference between you and Hope Hickes is - people care about Hope Hicks. By the way Don - reparations as a blank check is DOA with my ‘Boy’ McConnell as the gatekeeper.