Rather be Right

United shades of black -


Yesterday evening I watched two back to back liberal shows which were full of BS. First, was the Redemption project with Van Jones where Van tries to spin a better and reformed image of criminals. Family members of victims confront criminals to heal wounds and try to ‘move forward’ from extremely tragic events. This show provides Van a podium to spew liberal ideology about criminals that committed heinous crimes and seek redemption. The second show is another liberal documentary hosted by Kamau Bell. I could not believe any network would allow a continuing documentary to discuss serious topics and offer ONLY one extremely bias directive. This is a race-based documentary that caters to viewers with questionable intellect. There are no ‘Unites Shades of America’ discussed and should be renamed ‘United Shade (black) of America’. Kamau travels to cities around our country and tries to reveal the inadequacies of being black in America. This is a desperate attempt of a increasing liberal network trying to influence democratic minded voters and possibly persuade weak republican voters that injustice / inequality is flourishing in America. Kamau goes out of his way to recognize influential black leaders with a bias perspective on the evenings topic toward undeserving and innocent communities of color. Kamau read a letter “written by” (I believe a sixth grader) a young student from the suburbs of Philly regarding lead poisoning and poor air quality contributed by local industries. I use the phrase “written by” extremely loosely. The text may have been penned by a young girl but the content and messaging was definitely adult driven. Within the letter Kamau was pleased to highlight three specific sentences he thought would help deliver his pathetic messaging. First, the young author asked why poor communities experiencing environmental racism could not take moneys designated for ‘TRUMPS WALL’ and redirect it to improving her school. Are you kidding me!!! Do you think this belief was generated by a young sixth grader or developed by subjective peers? I can not remember a documentary series focusing on poor white communities asking for better educational facilities at the detriment of Obama’s mandated Obama Care!!! Contrary to the belief of black America, there are poor white communities as well and I would welcome a documentary shedding light on the challenges of struggling Americans with less pigment. What money has been designated for TRUMPS WALL? It is not cute to use the image of children to deliver messaging of such importance. Second - the young student asks for monies to build a playground because she ‘deserves a new one’ as though that is what is so desperately needed. Finally the young author innocently asks why her skin color is a credential for communities of color receiving inadequate resources. This is the most blatant continuing form of bleeding heart liberalism I have viewed from a large network. My disrespect for this show stems from the one sided narrative without any attempt to ask appropriate questions from the self proclaimed experts Kamau interviews. The plight of the communities that Kamau visits are results of generations of poor decisions, excuses, unaccountability and failed localized leadership. Kamau seems to support the narrative that it is easy to blame everyone for your problems and if you reside in a community of color the odds have been stacked against you without any negative contributions from within. Trump has been in office for less that three years and I may be stupid but it sure looks as though Kamau visits neighborhoods that have been in decline for decades. Kamau’s response is to have an unsuspecting young girl blame Trump, promote Trump’s obvious hatred and promote another discriminatory phrase - environmental racism. Kamau - why didn’t you ask the principal why she allowed students to turn a lead infested closet into a playroom? She is the principal, she is an adult, she does get paid for supervision, she does have years of experience BUT she is not held accountable - that is when Trump come in - blame Trump for everything. Three years of Trump is not the reason certain communities are not prospering from this economic growth. Local leadership, common sense and accountability are required for progress. You can not solve your problems by marching with signs of racially charged profanity. The divisiveness in America is not generated by Trump supporters, it is generated by influencers within ailing communities that promote younger generations to except unaccountability which within their communities ‘TRUMPS’ hard work, drive, integrity, desire, effort, common sense, respect, image and wisdom. BS can only go so far and sooner or later Political Correctness will stop. I am concerned with the coverage extent on cable networks promoting left wing ideology that routinely challenge / undermines our Presidents objectives. Our President is dealing with Iran, North Korea, Brexit, Russia and our Mexican boarder. MSNBC and CNN is critical of our Presidents decisions within these arenas and complicates things with reparations and the word ‘boy’. This is truly uncontestable. I would Rather be Right and that is why I call BS on environmental racism.