Rather be Right

Fake news ultimately helps Republicans -


As far as politics go, everyone agrees we have now entered unchartered territory. Every time you watch the fake news you hear the word unprecedented. Now in the days of Trump, ‘unprecedented’ is used to an exhaustive extent by the left media. CNN and MSNBC panels use ‘unprecedented’ to persuade their sheep that the Trump Administration routinely enters unchartered territory and usually in a unfavorable connotation. Challenge to you - watch or listen to any left bias media fake news and count the times you hear the reference to ‘unprecedented’. When CNN gives Don Lemon and Jim Acosta a platform to try and defend the fact they are only reporting news and inform America without being bias, the term FAKE NEWS gains momentum. CNN and MSNBC do not respect Trumps administration and for them to try and spin the fact their reporters show up everyday to deliver the news is FAKE on its face. I would respect left media outlets much more if they were honest about delivering a bias message instead of trying to convenience audiences they are working to deliver accurate news. If the message Jim Acosta is delivering is true, honest and non bias, he would not need to join Don Lemon and try to explain what they do as reporters everyday. If you are not honest nor trusted, that is when you may feel the need to give justification for your existence. As a direct response to the failing honesty of left wing reporting, the “FAKE NEWS” explanation and the elimination of White House briefings are a result. I can go further. Since the generation of Fake News by the left to negatively expose and magnify all Trump imperfections, outside influences have turned to social media to level the playing field. The Trump Presidency is not getting accurate and honest media attention by the left. It is blatantly obvious that Fake News has been generated by the likes of Don Lemon and Jim Acosta and I believe our country is now being influenced by outside organizations trying to help Trump. Everything from Jim Acosta’s hair color to his ability delivering unbias news is questionable by those with common sense. This is important because it is ones appearance and messaging that are measurable indicators for reputation. I believe the continuation of Fake News will ultimately help Donald Trump with favorability ratings and obtaining his second term as President.

Fake News outlets have a very obvious distain for Donald Trump. Since the ultimate goal is to get Trump out of office through impeachment or the 2020 election, messaging is catered to getting this accomplished. How can CNN or MSNBC justify their news delivery as honest or non bias when a significant percentage of their reporting contains negative messaging of Donald Trump? The fact that reporters do not act professional during press conferences because they are so focused on demoralizing our President, I can see that they can only generate news that is FAKE. When was the last time a left wing media outlet spent hours reporting the truth that democratic leaders are not following through on their promise to begin impeachment proceedings. These outlets regularly report that Trumps negligent behavior is unlawful and an abundance of evidence exists that prove collusion, obstruction and a cover up. The blue wave has come and gone and the only thing that remains is a democratic leadership that is actually challenged between ‘restoring democracy’ and maintaining seats / winning in 2020. If this is a true compromise that democrats are conflicted on, wouldn’t it be news worthy on a magnified scale? Democrats promise to remove the President because he is tarnishing our democracy and absolutely reneges on their commitment to the American people. Where is the coverage, where is the reporting? The Fake News would rather spend hours on a single interview when Trump said he would look at dirt on his competition (INSTEAD OF REPORTING ) democrats lying to their constituents and failing to protect our obviously damaged democracy when they have the ability and opportunity to do so. This is a big news event that is not Fake and barely covered by the left. Nancy Pelosi is not the target of harassment and is not news worthy when our democracy is in crisis. Are you kidding me, if this is such a crisis, where is the accountability or responsibility of democratic leaders. You do not act when convenient, you do your job or maybe it is the democrats that should be removed from office. This is pathetic and a result of Fake News. Call it what it is - Trump does a mighty fine job pointing out the inept practices of left media.

Let me give you a great example of Fake News. The left media routinely reports that Donald Trump does not have a good relationship with foreign leaders and the reputation of America is damaged as a result of the Trump Administration. Further, Trump is making poor decisions on the international stage and his credibility is questioned by Foreign leaders. This is obviously all negative reporting re: Trump and seldom anything positive. Now - if Trump was as bad internationally as reported by the Fake News, why would any foreign leader want to help him by providing dirt on his competition? If Trump is so disregarded by other countries, why would they do anything to assist his campaign to remain in office??? The left is so focused on delivering everything FAKE they do not realize their reporting does not make sense. Literally hours of committing coverage on obtaining competitive dirt to influence electoral results but why would anyone help Trump because he is terrifying to have in office? Foreign interference is Trumps fault and so is his ‘deplorable’ foreign reputation. This is not reporting on a accurate scale, it is completely bias and as a result we do not need White House briefings because the news would not be properly disseminated via CNN or MSNBC. This is pathetic Fake News reporting. Can not have it both ways, if Trump is a international disgrace, he would not want to be helped by foreign leaders. By the way, Trump was expected to generate war thus should not be trusted with the nuclear codes and our economy was going to fail. Both predictions by the left - which one has happened? CNN and MSNBC are so focused on the 2016 Trump Tower meeting they are providing a disservice to viewers by not reporting obvious successes of Donald Trump. I would much Rather be Right and spend time watching a reputable media outlet like FOX and I suggest you do the same. Time is a very hard commodity to replace, don’t waste it on things that are FAKE.