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Russia is now a concern -

JDUB1 Comment

Speaking with a friend yesterday about Russia and the obvious challenge to our democracy. I believe this is complete BS. Not the fact that Russia tried to influence our Presidential election but the fact that it is now a huge issue. If its wrong in America, it must be Trump’s fault and if something is good in America, it is a result of the tremendous work of Obama. Russia has been an advisory for generations. Trump has been in office for less than three years. Remember, Trump was not considered a real contender to Hillary in 2016 and his chances of becoming President was slim. For eight (8) years of the prolific Obama presidency leading up to the 2016 election, Russia was enabled to tarnish our election in the first place. When Russia tried to influence our election OBAMA WAS PRESIDENT!!! Why would Obama spy on Trump and worry about Trump’s campaign if the real threat was originating in RUSSIA???? Why did Obama allow Russia to succeed using social networks in the first place? Now Trump must deal with Obama’s inept governing and lack of concern for Russian influences. This was not an issue when Hillary was expected to win but the democrats were completely surprised when she failed to break the glass ceiling. It is actually funny that Obama’s inaction and laziness toward Russian aggression was a factor in the democrats loosing the 2016 election. In typical democratic fashion, accountability is not an option so they blame the newly elected Trump. Now that we are blessed with a true leader, the democrats are having digestive issues. If Russia did try to influence the election, it was not Trump’s fault. The truth is democrats have been trying to remove Trump from day one and now Russia is a concern and a threat to our democracy. Trump is an upstanding individual to put up with all the false accusations, investigations and spying. It takes a strong individual to resist the derogatory lies from the left. The investigative process has concluded and democrats are having as much trouble with the results as the election results. I agree with Trump’s refusal to help with any investigative process moving forward. Democrats are trying to sell Americans on the fact that Donald Trump should be impeached and I do not want to be sold. Any respectable American should demand our congress work on laws and policy that will positively effect our country and stop with the destructive dismantling of Trump’s Presidency. Democrats have focused on this issue for almost three years and accomplished absolutely nothing for the democratic base. The rule of law, fixing our democracy, proper oversight and addressing the faux crises were to be addressed following the ‘blue wave’. Democratic leaders lied to their voters because our constitution does not matter as much as removing Trump. If there is all this evidence re: collusion, obstruction and cover-up, swing the bat and do what the voters put you in office to do. Fact is, democrats are not holding themselves accountable for their own incompetent decisions. Democratic failure is not a result of a Russian or Trump influence and the party will only experience success like Republicans when they trade work for this witch hunt. The last three years have proven that democratic leaders are fixated on removing Trump and it has latterly impeded every opportunity to deliver any progress. On the other hand, Trump has delivered two Supreme Court Judges, enhanced trade requirements, stronger military, a booming stock market, low unemployment and restricting immigration. While Trump stands behind his promise to MAGA, the democrats can only show the spending receipts for all the investigative processes levied against Trump. Since democrats produce very little output and realize they do not have a candidate capable of defeating Trump, they resort to a defunct socialist give away agenda while trying to impeach our productive leader. The left should stop blaming Russia and Trump for being incompetent and the right should support Trump so our whole country does not end up like California. That is such a scary thought.

I would absolutely rather be deplorable than a democrat and I would Rather be Right than a democrat.