Rather be Right

Beto O'Rourke continues the left migration -


Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke did not disappoint the liberal democrats today. Beto took the democratic movement another step to the left. I actually feel sorry for the two dozen democratic presidential hopefuls because they will do anything to get recognition on the campaign trail. It is becoming difficult to get any honorable mention by following the lead of frontrunner Biden. Today Beto pulled an idea out of the bleeding heart liberal playbook and proposed improvements on gay rights. I believe Beto did this out of desperation. Beto is sliding in the polls so his campaign decided to make a reactionary political move to the left and catered directly to the LGBTQ+ community. Not sure what the + stands for, perhaps it represents another group that would like to be included in the future. By the time Americans vote in 2020 it will be called the LGBTQERFCGMDUIPOXZ+ which should include every sexually oppressed / discriminated group. The good thing that Beto’s campaign is failing in June is he can respond by showing compassion to the LGBTQ+ community during this special month. This is a win / win strategic decision for Beto’s failed van driving, dentist visiting, counter top jumping, Obama wanta be campaign. That’s right we are expected to honor the LGBTQ+ community during the entire month of June by recogonizing GAY PRIDE month. Stop and think, our VERERANS are recognized for one single day, not a month. Leave it to a trailing democratic campaign to panic and appear supportive to another liberal group. Beto plans on reversing Trump’s policies re: transgender troops in the military, end perceived discrimination on housing and employment and promote American visuals on gay rights abroad. I believe this is a true Hail Mary attempt to look like a viable candidate. There are 20+ democratic candidates that really do not have a message they have a mission to defeat Trump. It is easy to bash Trump and suck up to gays but difficult to create policy that will benefit all Americans not a select few. Our country is not as unequal as democrats want it to be. Gay rights, reparations and guaranteed income are talking points to generate votes but there is as much substance to these as impeaching Trump. Why do liberal groups continue to support a party that does not keep promises, accomplishes nothing and trails Republicans like a dog in heat? Similar to a majority of the democrats running for President, Beto is long shot in 2020 and using the LGBTQ+ to kickstart a troubled campaign is an obvious sign of desperation. Tonight, Beto is getting little to zero attention by the main stream socialistic liberal left bias progressive media for his dramatic performance supporting American Gays. Americans realize there is not any risk by wrapping yourself in a rainbow flag and voicing support to those that claim to have damaged rights but an abundance of PRIDE.

What will democrats do when they realize there are not any more socialistic left leaning groups to pander to. There is a definite difference between supporting a Republican and supporting a democrat. Trumps base gets rewarded by results and promises delivered. Democrats suck up to every needy organization they believe will vote for them and deliver absolutely nothing. The blue wave into the House of Representatives was going to instill checks and balances on the Trump administration and fix our tarnished democracy. How is that going for you democrats?

If you would Rather be Right, support Donald Trump because he respects his base and rewards them for results.