Rather be Right

Why is this an issue -



I found this article (above) on MSN.com and could not relate to the significance nor the reasoning for the response. I thought it was extremely liberal when the organization / slogan ‘black lives matter’ surfaced. Now the liberal minded have really outdone themselves with ‘my black is beautiful’ / dosomething.org and #redifineblack. Can not make this up. Dictionary.com was approached due to the current definition of black. Of all the issues in troubled communities, the definition of black and the fact that black is not CAPAITALIZED on dictionary.com when referring to black people is obviously unacceptable. So the previous definition of black, which could negatively impact the images of young black children contains the following:

Lacking hue and brightness, absorbing light without reflecting any of the rays composing it.

Characterized by absence of light enveloped in darkness

The color at one extreme end of the scale of grays, opposite of white, absorbing all light incident upon it

This can not continue and should not be tolerated. I can see that the poor black children that read the current definition of black would be traumatized with life long psychological ramifications. It is troubling that our society has let this obtrusive description linger. It is bad enough that some children are subjected to pants being worn low, fake earrings and hats worn sideways with the original tags. But to have any black child come across the above definition of black should not happen in 2019. We should be appreciative that a few good members of society have offered replacement words that reflect the true meaning of black. These self absorbed and narcissistic individuals have become consumed with the offensive synonyms of black and believe perception of black people is determined by the definition on dictionary.com. Believe me, my perception of black people is not derived by a definition , Reality and connotation of black is troubling to some. It is quite obvious to these contributors that everyone should see blacks as they view themselves so a list of appealing synonyms have been offered. The words that have been suggested are beautiful, brave, cultural, fun, mysterious, classy, unique, bold, natural and powerful. Next year I am sure they will suggest the phrase, Professional Executive. Absolutely, we should replace the current definition of black with these descriptive words. black children need all the help they can get and if these replacement words on dictionary.com will make that much of an impact then by all means lets make the change. My concern is THIS!!! Which black person that suggested these words cared about other people in society, specifically White people? If you look at the current definition of black you notice the phrase ‘OPPOSITE OF WHITE’ and most people in society would relate to this comparison. SO - if black people are described as the words above and by typical (or current) definition, black is opposite of white, white people could not be described by the suggested words. If the above are descriptive words for black people, white people are not beautiful, brave, cultural, fun, mysterious, classy, unique, bold natural or powerful. (By definition White is opposite of black)) It is sad to see these individuals purposely oppress the White community in the name of unsuspecting children. But we have already learned that only black lives matter so why would we care about definitions. If petty issues are your thing, maybe you do not know what really matters in life. It is unfortunate that some people in society are comfortable being given everything and now want underserving descriptions. Wouldn’t you Rather be Right and teach you children the true definitions of words instead of the dreamed up bling alternative? I would like to make a suggestion that falls in line with mentality of those wanting to change the definition of black. Lets change the definition of winning to: TRUMP WILL ENJOY ANOTHER TERM. After all, this actually has merit.