Rather be Right

Kamala Harris catering to the black folk -


Kamala’s latest idea is so inept there isn’t even an area for having good intentions. Remember the housing bubble / crisis in 2008. Some say we have not completely emerged from the economic meltdown. Leave it to the give away tactics, desire to help the incompetent and a short memory of the democratic party to introduce another doomed program. Kamala’s latest two part proposal pandering to a targeted audience has obvious negative consequences. Obvious to the those with common sense ‘trumping’ a liberal agenda. Unfortunately, Kamala has not learned you can not hand someone long term prosperity in the form of give a ways and requirement reductions. It is black homeownership and lethargic credit ratings that are troubling the democratic Presidential candidate. Problem solved - if blacks do not have what is required, give it to them and call it a hand up. Flashback to the failures of similar liberal programs. Kamala’s idea of giving $25K to black families burdened by ten years of living in red-lined areas will fail for the following reasons. My first concern is giving $25K to someone that remains in a bad situation for ten years. These poor decision makers will qualify and purchase homes unaffordable and outside their monthly payment capabilities. Seldom will people in this situation consider the elevated property taxes, insurances and maintenance associated with higher priced homes. For this reason defaults will occur but backed up by the FDIC provision. FDIC is a fancy way of saying backed by the taxpayer. The second part of Kamala’s brilliance is to alter the credit reporting structure for individual credit scores. She would like reporting agencies to integrate / include payments of rent, cell phones and utilities as indicators of payment history. Initially, this form of policy seems advantageous but Kamala’s instinct to coddle the inept shows she is economically uninformed. Ironically this idea introduces negative impacts on credit just as easy or easier than those that are positive. If you are late or miss a payment on rent your credit would be adversely impacted. Kamala’s programs have a much larger potential to negatively influence long term black progress than provide substantial growth. It does not matter if the program fails because we already know that it will not be the fault of the black community rather the government will be responsible for all missteps. Individual accountability is not an option. We are still recovering from the bleeding heart liberal ideology that everyone should own a home. I also have a concern that democrats actually listen to a candidate that is so focused on historical and current issues of black communities while rarely mentioning any form of all inclusive American growth. When given an opportunity to speak or make policy, Kamala’s first inclination is to the black community, black voter and black women. This was evident when she announced her candidacy while showing an exorbitant amount of attention to her college sisterhood. Remember, Kamala picked MLK day and specifically the same day Shirley Chisholm became the first black women to launch a bid for a major party presidential nomination to announce her presidential campaign. Further, she picked a fight with Biden over a the extremely controversial topic of segregation / bussing and now she continues by introducing racist policy catering to communities that look like her. Although Kamala’s intentions may be genuine, as a white voter I am waiting for her to at least recognize other cultures outside her obvious favorites and show a deserved level of dignity when confronting VP Biden. Kamala carries the mantra of the angry black women only interested in POC to perfection.

If you are a voter that would Rather be Right then take the time and watch Kamala on the campaign trail trying to enhance POC while disparaging old white men. While listening to her, ask yourself if you would want her as your President. Although Kamala is an attorney she is not like the blind lady of justice. I believe Kamala has an objective to use her influential position to progressively govern favorable to POC. This will only happen at the detriment of other communities and I hope others begin to see her for what she is.

Please support President Trump, the leader for everyone.