Rather be Right

I am personally not ready for a black mermaid or comentary -


To change the race of the mermaid is absurd. Tradition and keeping things classic / iconic should count for something. Not all change is good and this new mermaid is definitely not a change for the better. This is definitely NOT MY AERIAL.

Trumps approval rating is peaking now at 44%. If you listen the MSNBC commentary, there are a ton of white evangelical men that are obsessed with weaponry. Seriously, according to the misfits on AM JOY, Trump is only focusing on this very specific group of voters yet his approval rating is climbing. On it s face does this make sense? Obviously not but most of what you hear on left media is completely ludicrous. We know the fantastic economy is the real reason Trump’s approval rating is on the rise. ‘It’s the economy stupid’ was a phrase coined by Bill Clintons campaign advisor yet democrats have a very short memory. If democrats do not acknowledge the real reason Trump is starting his approval surge at this optimum time, how can they mount any reasonable / strategic response for 2020? I can feel Trump’s momentum this summer and the tribute to our nation on the 4th of July was a great catapult for patriotism. Americans with pride and unity enjoyed the ‘Salute to America’ so you can understand why the divisive and fake news networks CNN and MSNBC were MIA. The lack of coverage by the left media networks is very offensive and divisive to our country. How can you call yourself a news outlet and not report / cover the news. The largest event taking place in our country on the 4th of July and CNN / MSNBC decided not to provide coverage. They may complain about being called ‘fake news’ but how can they complain about being called ‘no news’. If you do not show up to the biggest event of the day (our nations birthday) why are you in business? Liberal networks choose to complain and make up news instead of actually reporting it live. MSNBC’s Joy Reid provided an abundance of criticism about the event, but does an opinion from someone who chooses not to cover an event and complain about it really matter? It is not a joke when many unsuspecting sheep watch liberal news and believe they are getting first hand reporting but actually receiving an abundance of divisive rhetoric. Joy, you are a great example of what does not matter but I respectfully request you continue. While you discuss issues that do not matter, our President’s potential to occupy the White House for a second term increases. Joy Reid is slowly becoming a favorite fake news outlet of mine, quickly approaching the inept classifications of Don Lemon. As long as we can count on liberal networks showing racist commentary at these levels, Trump’s approval can only increase.

If you would Rather be Right do not pay attention to networks that designate 75% of air time on the word black. If you are not doing well in this economy maybe you are spending to much time as a contributor to a flash mob. Trump is polling at an 82% favorable rating on the economy and remember, its the economy stupid. We can start celebrating a second term of President Trump because who is a real contender to challenge him. Stop laughing, the disadvantaged are people to. Economy - its a word democrats do not want you to think about because its an American all inclusive, not focused on certain communities. Vote on what matters, the economy!!!!! Many are traveling this holiday weekend (BECAUSE YOU HAVE JOBS) so be careful.