Rather be Right

Americas divided and maybe thats not bad -


If we can not unify on the 4th of July as nation, when will we? Like all previous 4th of July’s I’ve celebrated, I enjoy BBQ, friends and family. Most of all I enjoy spending the day paying tribute to our great nation and for the troops, past and present, that enable me to enjoy everything American! We are definitely divided and that was blatantly obvious during this years celebrations. Our President is obviously proud to be an American. President Trump wanted the DC celebration to be larger this year. For weeks the left was critical of his intentions for possibly turning the celebration into a political campaign rally. Again, just like collusion and obstruction, it did not happen. President Trump delivered a unifying and all inclusive speech about American success, progress, creativity, ingenuity, opportunities and freedom. It is absolutely pathetic that our country is divided on our beliefs that America is land of the free. Republicans believe that our freedom is the root of progress and opportunity for achievement. Democrats take advantage and focus on the narcissistic part of freedom — free. Yes, the left wants everything for free from healthcare, education, guaranteed monthly income, child care etc. Not only does the left want everything for free but they burn our flag in protest and chant ‘America was never great’. Please look this up, there are videos of left wing ‘freeloaders’ protesting in DC on the 4th chanting ‘America was never great’. Yes America is divided and I can not see anything similar between my beliefs and those that believe our country was NEVER great. Perhaps some division is good because I do not know how anyone living in our nation, standing in our capital, burning the American flag, demand they get everything for free while chanting our country was NEVER great. Who wants to be part of a group that is so meanspirited, dark and obviously divisional. How ironic is it when the left believed President Trump would use the DC celebration to message negative political speech and it is the left that demonstrates anti American sentiment. No hate or divisional speech form our President, you would need to look to the left for adolescent behavior on our Nations Birthday. As a nation, we are increasingly exposed to the bowels of left wing viewpoints and it reveals an utter disrespect for our Nation as a whole. Recently, a large shoe manufacture catered to the viewpoints of a left wing mouthpiece by stopping the manufacture of a very iconic / classic shoe design. Why???? Because the left wing mouthpiece was african American and the shoe design ‘could have’ historical offensive connotations. Why is the thirteen star flag representing the original colonies so offensive? It is part of our nations history and all history carries both good and bad memories. What is going to happen if the mouthpiece realizes that our current American flag has thirteen stripes representing the same thing. Should the American Flag be outlawed because some may think it is offensive? This is truly the mentality of left wing socialist behavior and where America becomes divided. We spend an entire month (EVERY YEAR) subjected to the history of african Americans, because that history is important. The historical flag that was on the back of the iconic shoe was a symbol of American history. As we learn how important african American history is for 28 days a year, American symbolism is considered offensive and should not be viewed. Shouldn’t all history matter, require left leaders not to be so divisive. Please get WOKE America, realize that it is not a select life nor history that matters. The left is growing socialistic by disparaging America every single day. Look at who is burning our flag, chanting America was never great, limiting iconic American heritage and messaging certain lives matter more than others. When you look - you will be looking LEFT. Even with the pathetic reporting and behavior from democrats, I feel a great sense of patriotism and support for President Trump. MAGA is a bold and patriotic belief by those that have pride in our country. You may be limited by what design is on your shoe but your voting decision will not be limited. If you would Rather be Right - then vote that way!!!!!

Happy Birthday America