Rather be Right

Mexico should do more but so should democrats -


Another eventful day on the political front. The democratic front runner, Mr. Biden, doubled down on supporting the Hyde Amendment and was caught conducting plagiarism AGAIN. Although Biden’s fall graces within the democratic party is inevitable and fun to watch, I would like to talk about the 54 percent of Americans that believe Trump will be REELECTED. That’s right 54% is a greater percentage for Trump at this point of his first term than Obama polled, even after Ben Laden was killed. I am liking this kind of support for Trump and the left deserves it. Trump is literally making the left look completely lost and without unity. The left media continues with the narrative that Trump is narcissistic and does not respect the United States. I am sorry CNN and MSNBC but 54% of Americans are polling polar opposite of your daily messaging. My personal belief for this tremendous Trump support is because the entire democratic party is based on ‘oh yah’ or ‘me too’ defunct messaging. Trump, in typical presidential form, tried to tell the American people that there is a building crisis at our southern boarder. Democrats are now responding in typical ‘oh yah’ there is a crisis and ‘me too’ form. Trump has now placed two (2) Supreme court judges on the bench. Democrats are now responding in typical ‘oh no’ and ‘we need to do that’ form. Trump is forcing China to trade on a level field and be responsible for years of stealing intellectual property. Democrats do not know how to respond because most of them do not know what IP is. But democrats are developing their own policy which includes giving terrorists the right to vote in prison, ending private healthcare, increasing the number of supreme court judges, reparations for descendants of slaves, abolish the electoral college, get rid of ICE, support sanctuary cities, open our boarders, impeach our president AND lets not forget the Green New Deal. Republicans need to sit back and support Trump on all fronts. Do not disturb the current Red wave. Trump is holding everyone accountable while protecting our boarders. We may be paying a bit more in the short run due to the tariffs but the long term goal is what we are working for. It is just like putting desired judges on the bench, it is a LONG TIME PLAN. If you are complaining of paying a bit more to have a substantially better life, perhaps you should pull your pants up. Would you rather follow the ‘oh yah’ party or would you Rather be Right and have a plan for the advancement of our country. Trump has a clear cut plan for American success and democrats only want to destroy it through impeachment. Support Trump.