Rather be Right

Stuck on stupid -


Recent Harvard Harris poll revealed 65% of Americans do not believe Congress should begin impeachment proceedings. This is a simple statement and a significant number. It is confusing that anyone would support a party that is driven on ignorance of the facts. It is time democrats lick the wounds of the pathetic Hillary days and unite our country by stopping the divisive rhetoric. Public beliefs and the Senates final say should influence any reasonable party. This is precisely why democrats will continue to try and convenience voters that impeachment is the answer to remove Trump - they are NOT reasonable. Failed policy is the only policy that is promoted by democrats. This is proven by overwhelming fear that democrats have of beating Trump by election. When democrats must rely on impeachment (against the desire of the public) or promising free services like college tuition, health care or universal income, it is becoming evident that 2020 is looking increasingly positive for a second Trump term. It is so sad that democrats Do Not Care about policy or who represents the party, they are consumed with beating Trump. This is not a healthy nor truly strategic way to lead a country. MSNBC and CNN often show how consumed the democratic party is on electability. What democratic candidate is leading in each state? What voter group (identity politics) is likely to vote for each candidate? Race, gender and sexual orientation seems to be more important in the democratic candidate selection process than policy. Democrats are quite confused that voters are not as concerned about what you look like or who you sleep with but if you can lead competently. Its the game not the player. Since this is a clear problem for democrats, they are currently fielding 24 candidates to try and beat Trump. Good luck with that. There are more and more voters that want the maintain the current MAGA direction and achievements that have been generated by Donald Trump. Trump’s success is complicating the decision making process by the left and they are clearly letting politics direct their judgement. If Trump is so bad, do something about it with all your oversight ability. There is no reason to impeach Trump and that is in direct contradiction to the messaging democrats have cried for almost three (3) years. This is complex for the left because they appear weak in their understanding of messaging, policy and leadership abilities. They choose Pelosi to ineffectively monitor the executive branch and they chose Clinton to beat Trump in 2016. Now they are choosing to impeach a president that will be elected to a second term. It is comical to watch this inept party in real life. You almost feel bad for such an underdog - NOT.

I would Rather be Right with my political viewpoints and that is why I support Donald Trump. Please promote the voices of those that would Rather be Right!!