Rather be Right

Democrats with power is a complete waste -

JDUB1 Comment

The blue wave has come and gone. Democrats won the House and promised to use oversight responsibility to hold Trump accountable for obstruction. For two years they have pleaded their constituents for this power. Now that they have it, they are waiting for that magical moment or new piece of information they believe will seal the deal on impeaching Trump. How many times have we heard that democrats have proof of collusion, obviously obstruction occurred and now Trump is in the throws of a cover up. Ok - so do something about it democrats. Democrats are not capable of holding anyone accountable for anything. They are the party of giving things away. It is a joke that democrats promised voters they would properly utilize oversight responsibility because political influence is TRUMPING democrats judgement. If you want government to work and actually get things accomplished (lower employment, secure boarders, add conservative judges) do not waste your vote on democrats that are leadership challenged. Voters who are incoherent and believe in the democratic party deserve the inept results of the House and failure of Hillary. If the democrats have not built a significant case for impeachment in the eyes of the public after two years, why would they choose to continue insane practices? Pure hatred for our President is driving democrats to embark down investigative paths that will only solidify Trumps base. The public does not believe impeachment is the answer at this time but democrats have not learned basic math and will continue with political revenge. The party that brags about being able to walk and chew gum at the same time is not competent enough to properly handle oversight. It is ironic that democrats refer to Republicans as the party of hate when it is clearly obvious democratic leadership is so consumed by hate that they are enable to effectively lead. Take the blinders off and see Donald Trump is extremely effective when it comes to leading MAGA country. Most Americans would Rather be Right and that is easily accomplished by supporting Donald Trump.

Trump will not be removed by a party that is ineffective - stay engaged and promote the Rather be Right messaging.